Perfect MST3K Movie - "The Little Mermaid" - 1976 Russian Movie English DUB!!

This movie is just DYING to be riffed. You can see it here: The Little Mermaid 1976 ENGLISH DUBBED - YouTube . It would definitely fit alongside the ranks of other Russo-Finnish productions MST3K have done like “Magic Voyage of Sinbad,” “The Sword and the Dragon,” and “Jack Frost.” It actually has the SAME CINEMATOGRAPHER as “Day the Earth Froze!”

I could even assist here. I can easily see callbacks to “Manos: The Hands of Fate” and “Tormented” in this movie (watch it and you’ll get my gist). Not to mention of course a potential recurring MST3K character along the lines of Torgo and Ortega, if you also understand. The film also shifts into other time dimensions, if you also catch my drift.

See it for yourself.


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I’m not sure I’m picking up what you’re laying down.

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Well, OK. It might just be me. There are cheap FX of the “little mermaid” having her head out in the water - that reminds me of the “Tom Stewart Killed Me!” head in “Tormented” (see in 12:12 to get what I mean). The recurring character I suggested - I think he’s called Thicklipped. He’s a chubby guy with a beard who makes a bunch of weird gestures - note 12:15 on time stamp.

I could easily see one of the bots going “Featuring Ed Grimley on triangle!” at one of quite a few certain points in the movie (there are a lot of triangle strikes in the movie). As with the movie shifting into other time dimension, there are times it seems to “fast forward.”


What was the original Russian film used for this one?

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The Russian name is Rusalochka and again it was made in 1976. There’s also an animated movie with the same name made in 1968, so you don’t confuse the two.


OK there’s another good reason for this movie to be on MST3K - the princess (the one the prince is betrothed to) looks quite about like Emily Marsh! If Emily and her bots riffed this movie, I could see there being some confusion in her Crow and Servo about if she’s said princess.