perfect versus actual

If you’re building a Crow T. Robot replica, you will obsess over making everything perfectly perfect because it has to be perfect. You want to make it the perfect homage to the show you really dig. But, also, if someone else sees it they might notice any imperfections and laugh at you on MySpace. BUT!

The perfect replica is the most perfect when it’s imperfect. Check a look:

Crow’s eye tapes aren’t perfect squares and they aren’t perfectly centered like how you spent hours getting perfect:
imperfect pupils
And in that episode he has divots on his pin and a cleft lip! That would be unthinkable on a fan-made replica.

Furthermore, you can see that over time, the paint on his hands just came off and they didn’t bother to fix it:
imperfect paint

close-up of blue hands

In conclusion, nobody who has ever made a replica Crow T. Robot has ever gotten it right because everyone goes for perfect even though Best Brains didn’t seem to.

Bonus points if you can guess which episodes those screen shots are from.


I’m a great believer in the perfect being the enemy of the good.

I know so many people who never accomplish anything because they’re terrified of ‘failure’, whereas I accomplish a lot because I can shrug and go, ‘eh, good enough!’


There’s at least one other episode where Crow’s blue hands are clearly visible, but I can’t recall which one it is.


Truer words were never spoken, but I find putting this into practice to be immensely difficult. For me, the notion that “good enough” is never good enough is an unstoppable force, and it can make life incredibly difficult.

My Crow T. Robot is imperfect, and it sticks like a splinter in my mind, waiting for me to fix it. I messed something up attaching the net and it’s not quite straight, still figuring out how to correct it without making it worse.

I’m glad you shared these, @TheBindingPolymer. Crow’s imperfections are just seasoning on top of an already great recipe.

I love this because I’m imagining that you just went on a personal arts n crafts journey.

I had similar revelations when I became obsessed with xenomorph models!

Your prop is movie quality, I promise

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Two by two, hands of blue…