Permanent Twitch-Like Theater?

I’m curious if they have any plans to have a place in the gizmoplex that would operate similar to twitch. A theater that will continuously run episodes but have a chat function to be able to interact with others watching as well. That’s something I feel would be lacking if not available.


Great idea. Would love a random ep at all times.


That is a fantastic idea. I would rather come here than twitch for that functionality anyway.


I mean for what its worth they could even just have a dedicated section that links directly to the Twitch stream and it would work just as well without them having to a whole lot. They could have the video window displayed like they already do and maybe even let you choose between the on-site chat or the Twitch chat itself.


True but I’d much prefer commercial free. Twitch plays the same commercials over and over and over.


I definitely understand where you’re coming from there. I got tired of the ads so I used my free Twitch Prime sub to get rid of them by linking my Amazon Prime account to my Twitch account.

This would definitely be a fun idea. Plus having the chat function available would definitely add to the Gizmoplex’s community bonding. There’s something fun about the idea that no one watching is able to control the movie being watched, almost like being part of one of Forrester’s “experiments,” and chatting with others about the movie being the only way to maintain “one’s sanity.”


It’s on the list.


I would absolutely be into this idea.

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Love the idea and maybe without being to greedy adding something like the redeemable points for drawings, like the Monday and Thrusday feeds.