Personal signatures/taglines?

Is there any functionality in the forum software to allow for a signature (usually a quotation or pithy saying or whatever) on people’s posts? I often find that being able to have a signature on posts is an easy way to find out a lot about someone without even speaking to them at first, and it’s a lovely way to be able to express yourself besides choosing your personal avatar.

To add to that, is there any functionality to allow for people to be able to choose their own tagline next to their name besides the simple “member” or “backer” we have now? It would allow for people to give themselves a funny title and is another way to express yourself.

Just a couple of ideas I had based on some other forums I’ve been on.


Most forum software (and while Discourse is a bit different, it’s still in essence forum software) Allow for the admin team to set up those titles under/around/near avatar pictures. and those titles would change with the level of involvement you have in the forum.

The DW forum I moderate does allow for people to write their own little things. The character count is capped so they don’t get too long, but I’m not sure that would work here, as the title isn’t under the image, it’s off to the side. Even something twelve to fifteen characters long would be a distraction. Add that to the folks who want pronouns visible and the clutter of long titles gets even worse.

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I think that clicking on a user’s name already serves that purpose. You go on some forums and you have to weed through the signatures to find the conversation.