Personal Video from the S.O.L.

Occasional nods to this zoom by in Updates and 87 backers are touched by this including me. I’m not positive what to anticipate and when to expect it. Is there any additional intel any of you have? From those who chose this in the 2015 Kickstarter? Many Thanks.


To explain, I’m aware of exactly what it is. Anything beyond the description in the campaign and the fleeting hints of it in the weekly notices would be awesome. Cheers.

I was wondering. Which bot did you choose? If I would’ve chose this, I’d pick Growler encouring me to do what I like: art and playing the piano.


I have a secret. I backed this twice and there are two videos coming. One features Joel, Crow, and Tom Servo discussing Predator (1987). I can’t explain why that grabbed me except I could always imagine a skit in my head. I think given when it was made the 80s of it screamed Joel and the Bot analysis. The countdown at the end, the Infrared, “Anytime…”, I dropped those hints in the survey.

The second involves Jonah, Tom Servo, Crow, and Growler performing The Police’s King of Pain. I specifically asked them to act out a minute of it with Jonah singing Sting and the Bots as backup. I so enjoyed how Jonah performs on stage it felt a perfect fit. I must be crazy to do this twice. I wasn’t sure such a chance would come again.