Personal Video Reward

Deleted the original message because Ivan fixed it!!
I guess my Vimeo account wasn’t working right, which I’ll look into later, but he sent me a universal link.

I have to say, the video was perfect. I did it for my kids and everyone hit it out of the park and wrote a great script with the few bullet points I gave them.

It means so much to my wife and I, and hopefully the kids after they watch it… though they are young so it might take 10 years to fully appreciate it :smiley:

Thank you all so much.

Edit again: I figured I should note, since I deleted the original message, that I wasn’t complaining or anything haha. I was just saying I had got an email with a link and it didn’t work yet but probably would later and Ivan jumped in to save the day :slight_smile:


For those who got the Personal Video Rewards, congrats! And now I feel a bit jealous.


My favorite part is when they say your name, it’s Stephen Hawking’s voice.

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It should work! If it doesn’t, send me a dm and I’ll help figure it out.


Hey, I got mine today and the link works just fine. I love it, by the way, but I think Tom Servo got traumatized doing it. Ha!


I received mine today too! I’m insanely happy with it. My Thanks to Joel, Hampton, and Connor for absolutely slaying my request.


Don’t forget to fill out the survey – we’ll forward all comments we get there along to the cast!


I just did. I’m to the moon and back over it. Thanks Ivan!


Totally enjoyed my personal video! You guys were all spot on! Great job!


I received mine as well. Emily and the bots left nothing out there and their energy and creativity were awesome! Thank you ladies and gentlemen!


I have not received my personal video from Ivan…I had no idea these were sent out! I am emailing him now.

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You may be with me. 5 SOL Videos were found out to be unusable and they have to re-shoot them in the months to come. Thus I’m looking at a few more months before getting my second video. You may be in the same boat.

Full transparency. I have two SOL Videos coming to me. One I have and love and the other is the one I’m waiting on. “The waiting is the hardest part!”

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Ivan resent me the email, but there is no link to the video…LOL! I just emailed them again.

And bummer! I hope that gets out to you soon!

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