Pet Theories

Very perceptive. Dr. Forrester and Crow are the two sides of Trace. It’s inevitable one side of him lived the dream.

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Here’s one for you all:
Did Sci-Fi era Pearl, once back in present day, ever visit CC Era Pearl who was to raise Star Baby Clayton? Maybe after Qatar kicked her out?


I always justified the set changing every season because Joel or Mike kept having to scavenge layers of the ship for invention exchanges or to build other things they wanted or to keep other parts of the ship going, so the nice and smooth bulkheads gave way to more and more exposed machinery and equipment. But it’s a show and I should really just relax.


Until the 11th season (and I haven’t fully given up the idea yet) my head canon was that after the SOL came back to earth at the end of season 10, Mike and the bots went to work at Joel’s hot fish shop.


I mean, it’s still possible given there’s apparently gonna be two sets of bots for Season 13 (maybe 3 if Joel has his own?)

Speaking of the bots though, I did have a crazy theory/story about Crow.

Remember how there was a second Crow that was left in the past in “Time Chasers”? Well, my idea was that that version of Crow eventually got out and about with his life, even meeting a younger, pre MST3K Pearl (though he took the name “Art” to potentially mitigate time paradoxes). Eventually he decided he wanted to visit his birthplace, and wandered to Gizmonics Institute. Through some accident he was sucked up and disassembled, his memory chip damaged, and his parts used to build the SOL. Joel would then build Crow back up with the damaged memory chip, hence why Crow didn’t seem fazed by recognizing Pearl and her calling him Art, as that was a part that remained relatively undamaged during the accident.

Yeah, a bit Bootstrap-ish, but it’s sci-fi goofiness I could see happening.




Wait, does that mean Bobo is a deep cover OWCA agent?


He’s so deep cover that even he doesn’t know it…


Pearl while incompetent was recognized for her failures and later given a tenured position at The Erroneous Reasoning Research Academy (or ERRA for short).

Based on the assumption that great genius can be discovered when two previously disregarded theories are merged into one, the staff of ERRA were handpicked for their ability to be mistaken; for their gifts in fallacious analysis and defective reasoning.

There were a lot of referees, television critics, and weathermen who were then re-educated in the sciences to develop extraordinary new but erroneous theories that would then be combined together to produce works of great genius. The whole idea turned out to be wrong…

It was at ERRA where Pearl developed and “perfected” Synthia.

(nearly all lifted from Red Dwarf wiki)


I like to think the original Crow and Servo, maybe even Gypsy, were somehow kidnapped by Kinga due to their involvment in the original MST experiments and forced back onto the new SOL for more. Either that, or backups of their memory exist somewhere and were put into new bodies.


Well we know there are at least multiple Servos, because they were in a choir together.


I think Synthia’s boyfriend that she mentioned in the 2020 Turkey Day segments is Terry the bonehead. My logic? Their actors are married in real life!


…Then came her “Person of the Year” portrait on the cover of Time.


Season 14? Conceivably one day. Fingers crossed.