Phishing Scammers

Have you received emails/texts from scammers phishing for your info?
Post some of your phunny phishes :rofl: you’ve received here

"World Bank Assisted Payment…214

Dear Friend,

The United States government published in the official gazette recently and mandated the BSB collaboration with the World Bank Regulatory Authority to offset all debts emanating from scammed victims.

Some victims’ funds were attempted to be diverted by some individuals. Other cases are imposition of illegal charges and invitation to overseas for claims of funds without success, incessant payment of fees one after another endlessly, impersonation and other corrupt practices hat pose to dissatisfy beneficiaries thereby causing confusion and subjectivity to bankruptcy and total mislead.

Some beneficiaries are in the nets of impostors unknowingly and act on their instructions to forward any message to them received by beneficiaries, using it as a weapon against beneficiaries and awareness of payment procedure we embark on, and then plan more to win the hearts for their own selfish desires. It is a pity!.The United States of America through the world bank has concluded to pay the affected beneficiaries via the Beneficial State Bank (BSB).

We have in our record that you are one of the victims of this circumstance because the settlement of your overdue fund through the right link is not supposed to exceed 10 bank working days but has taken months and years, Yet you have not questioned the integrity of those you were dealing with. This message is to exonerate you from total mess and pay you your overdue fund and interest through the World bank accredited paying bank without you undergoing payment of fees one after the other.

NOTE:Fraudulent activities by some GLOBAL AGENCIES and their cohorts in some African countries are like terrorists these days.They fax/email unauthenticated documents to beneficiaries and emails to deceive,extort and cover the right link of easy receipts of funds against bonafide beneficiaries.

Conclusively, any well thinking Next-of-kin,Investor,Lottery winner,Romance relationship,Fund beneficiary or Contractor should know that payments demand one after another is not the procedure but an omen to the affected person.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr.Larry Kingston,

US Coordinator

72639, Forest Drive,

Houston Texas."


This isn’t exactly funny, but it is weird. I get phishing texts all the time in my mother’s name. That might make sense if I were a teenager on a family plan with her or something, but I’m in my 40s and we don’t even live in the same city. Also, I’m male so they didn’t even get that right. So bizarre.


I get emails from tech job recruiters that are almost indistinguishable from phishing attempts.

“Hello and professional sports! I am recruiter from XcorpCo.”

I’m sure you are. Professional sports to you, too.


In all fairness, that IS a good greeting.

“Good afternoon, and professional sports, won’t you?”


My favorite scammer story:

It was a few years ago when people still had devices called “Answering Machines” in their “Homes.” Scammers utilized the power of the Answering Machine by leaving scary messages, something to the effect of “This is Officer Thompson from the IRS calling about the back taxes you owe…” etc etc.

One day, fed up with all these scam calls, I actually called back the 800 number given and acted like a panicked tax dodger, just to see what would happen.

It was quite hilarious. I could tell it was a call center, you could hear the other scammers in the background talking to all the people who called back (sadly, the number of people who take these things seriously is enormous) and let him go on for a bit about how I had to wire him something in the thousands of dollars to the IRS, blah blah blah, when the most brilliant idea occured to me.

I asked him “Excuse me, but what does “IRS” stand for?”

A few seconds of silence. “Can you repeat that sir”

REELED IN! I said, very firmly, “WHAT… DOES… IRS… STAND FOR?”

A few more seconds of silence. Then CLICK. He was gone.

I mean, if you’re going to go through the trouble of setting up a call center to trick Americans into thinking they have to send money to the IRS, you could at least train the people who work there what the IRS even IS.


Back when there were no such thing as email filters, I would respond to spammers with a photo of a flaccid penis. They never responded to it, but it felt satisfying.


Once I got a job offer for one of those “secret shopper” things. It seemed like an amusing way to kill time while I waited on UI, until I found out my first “assignment” was to go to a nearby Mal-Wart’s Western Union desk and accept a 1K transfer after providing these people all my bank info. Yyyyeah…

With a little help from my husband, I did an online maps search and found out their “Business HQ” was a house in Winnipeg.

Where in blazes are Troy and Rowsdower when you really need them?


I had one of those calls the other day. He asked if I was given a case number. I said no. He then asked for my name. I said if he called me he should know my name. He got kinda irritated and said, “Look Sarah…” . Then I guess he realized he’d deviated from the script, was silent for a couple seconds while I laughed then he hung up. I’m disappointed he didn’t call back or threaten to send the police.


Due to a number of special benefits that were made to Canadians due to the pandemic, a number of scammers set up robocalls that would indicate that you, without any steps to identify who exactly you were, had been found to have committed fraud is some way, that warrants were out for your arrest, and unless you took immediate action that the police would arrest you in short order.

I lost count how many time is got these messages, but found nothing quite as funny as receiving variants of the call, purporting to be from Service Canada (where I work) from a “security division” that doesn’t exist, on my government issued work phone…

For the sake of it. I once actually selected to talk to one of their agents, identified my position (not name) and immediately asked for his agent ID. he started saying a couple numbers followed by F*** U, and he hung up on me.

Star Wars Robot GIF


I love that he made a meagre attempt to prolong the lie before pulling the FU cord. I wonder what the decision tree was that led him to hard out part way in?


Not sure but hopefully he was just pissed from people knowing it’s a scam connecting to mess with him. He sounded somewhat professional at the start, and right up to when he started with numbers, but then like a switch was turned just flipped to a clearly aggravated tone with a bit more volume to release that expiative.

Not gonna lie, I felt pretty proud of myself in that instant that I had potentially made his day just that little bit worse.


You probably inspired him to quit without notice the next day. [salutes]

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As you should. That’s a person who needs to feel terrible about themselves at the end of the day. By any means necessary!


For anyone who needs income badly enough to take a position with scammers, if they are doing it because they feel they don’t have a choice in the matter, I feel bad for their situation, that said…

No matter how you present it, crime is crime. If you are in a call centre for a scammer, it’s not that different from being in a gang. Anyone who willingly knows they been brought in to scam, defraud and willfully deceive innocents (especially those targeting and preying on the elderly) and not immediately walking away, should risk being punished to the extent of the law.

As far as the ones who find out what they are being told to do, know it’s wrong and have no scruples about jumping in, they are just thugs using intimidation and scare tactics. I wouldn’t want to give my wallet to a mugger, but at least they have the courage to face me while robbing me. Trying to rob someone over the phone is just cowardly.


I once got a call from someone trying to sell me a satellite package of some sort; they asked if they could speak to “Mrs. Starblade.” I replied, “There is no one by that name here” and hung up.

I told the absolute truth…I’m Miss or Ms Starblade. Not Mrs.

I :heart: semantics. :grin:


My wife and I have different last names, so it’s always easy to sort junk mail when they send it to Mrs. “Squid.”


At some point in the last year I received junk mail in my ex’s name … who was a decade ago in another state.


Sadly my mother still gets mail for me (I moved out 25 years ago) my sister (she moved out about 20 years ago) and occasionally for my father (who died in 1990)

She will often text me to say everyone got mail today except her.


I get a lot of “is this Mrs Husbandname?” and depending on my mood I’ll say “No” or “Close enough”. The last one always throws them for a second.