Phishing Scammers

I’ve been getting several using my ISP email company’s name saying I’ve used too much data and i will be locked out if I don’t upgrade my isp package… :roll_eyes:

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Online Validation required

Online Banking Alert

Were letting you know that weve detected some unusual activitys in your account, it might be as result of them security updates we’ve been conducting lateley which could haven resulted in some of your information thats needs to be updated along with our automatic security system. To avoid future hold on all your online banking activities, below is link to they secure website to make it sure all your details are correctly.

Verifyd your information :melting_face:

Like to get the more Alerts? Signing in to your Online Banking account and withinit the Accounts Overview page selects the Alerts tablet.

Security Icon    	 

To verify that this is email is from Keybank, confirm your received this letter in your registered emailing address.

Keybank Email, NC1-028-09-01, 150 N All rights reserved.

Man I’m soo glad they informed me withinit :unamused:


So, you use the Bank of Jethro?


DANG them security updates.


I wanna get verifyd!

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I have gotten hundreds and hundreds of emails (oh and texts too!) that my Netflix account is suspended or going to be. I don’t have a Netflix account…my husband pays for that.


Ask your doctor if Verifyd [tm] is right for you!!

Ready to Deal??

Hi, Did you get my last email about Lucrative proposal to share with you.
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Is she propositioning to me? :pleading_face:

Amex Card Profiel validation requeird

Urgent Request for Informationers

Urgent:Request for Informationers

Your Account Number Starting wit: 37

Dear card member,

Due to recent changes in American Express accountant security protocol, the card referenced above has been place under review. You prompt action is necessairy to prevent any further terminations of your account. Kindly follow that secure link provided below and reviews your details at you earliest convenience.

Once you have filed in required information, you will receive email at your registereded email address on files.

CONTINUEING HERE :upside_down_face:

To ensure your submissiont is considered complete, pease provide corrected details. Upon receiving requested informations, we will reviewer it for accuracy and verify your identify. Pease be awares that future chargings on your accounts may be declined until identifications processer is completed. It is advizable to informant any additional Card Member(ers) that ther future chargers may also face potential declines during period.

Your promptness responses in this matter is apprecated.


Global Frauded Protection Services

View Ours Privacy Statement


Added Us to Your Address Book

This is customer service e-mail from Amex. Using spam/junk mail functionings may not block servicings messagers from being sent to you email accounts. To learn more about e-mail securitys or report a suspiciousness e-mail, please visit us at americainexpresso/phishing . We kindly ask yous not to reply me this e-mail but instead contacted us securely via Customer Carings.

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This americainexpresso/phishing must be some kind of new Starbucks concoction :disguised_face:


With what is clearly a crack team of proofreaders.


Tank you!

Global Frauded Protection Services


United Bank for Africa
57 Marina, Lagos, Nigeria.

Dear Sir,

Re: The release of your Fifteen Million US Dollars.

The Federal Government have instructed my bank to immediately release you funds without further delay because of them pressures and petitions they have been receiving from International communities, especially from the United Nations and World Banks for delaying to pay foreign contractors after they having successfully completed theirs contract and they are threatening to stop all foreign investors from coming to Nigeria until they are truly paid. You are listed among them beneficiaries to receive this payments, that is why we are contacting you. The sum of Fifteen Millions of US Dollars has been approved for you.

The main reason why you have not received your payment since is because you have not been signed your Contract payment documents and you can’t never receive this payment without signing these original documents since it is against our law for a contractors to receive his/her payment without signing these documents. How can you receive Millions of the Dollars without signing any original payment documents? If these funds were paid into your account before now and your bank or then Government of your country asked you to provide them source of the funds, what would you have providing to them? Honestly, there’s no way you will receive this type of huge amounts without signing them original documents of your payment, this is why you have not received your payments so, please stop blaming Nigeria Government because it is your true fault for not signing yours payment documents. Anybody contacting you for then release of your payment when you have not signed these documents is only wasting yours times because you cannot receive it until these documents are signed.

We are ready to send you yours original payment documents to your addresses so that you can sign it as Nigerian contractor to enable us to credit your banking account immediately. To enable us to send these documents to you including your contract agreement document of your payment, we needs below information.

  1. Your full names
  2. Your current address where this documents will be send to.
  3. Your bank account details where you want to receive this funds.
  4. Your mobile phone number to contact you further

Yours faithingfully,

Oliver Alawuba
Managing Director
United Bank for Africa.

Well it’s about time, I’ve been faithingfully waiting patiently for ever :roll_eyes:

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Stop being so mean to Nigeria!

…Huh. Wonder what he wanted.

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Proly my moneys and my soul :flushed:

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Rebecca Hanson’s favorite kind of scammers.


I keep getting spam where the subject field is my own e-mail address.

What do they think I’m going to say, “Damn… I better read this, it’s from me!”

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Fine, ignore the warning from your future self and see what happens!

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I haven’t received any good spam emails lately.
Maybe they gave up… for now :upside_down_face: