Phoenix Games

If you’ve heard of Caddicarus, then you’re familiar with this abominable yet ghosted video game company. They make atrocious, cheap, recycled knock-off Disney movie look alike games that include puzzles, coloring, matching, and cartoons that makes Clutch Cargo look like Helluva Boss.

Here are some examples. Watch at your own risk!
Peter Pan: Peter Pan (Phoenix Games) - YouTube
Animal Soccer World: Animal Soccer World (PS2) - YouTube
Dalmatians 3: Dalmatians 3 Dingo Pictures/Phoenix Games - YouTube
Snow White and the Seven Clever Boys: Snow White and the 7 Clever Boys - YouTube


Actually, before I saw Caddy’s videos, JonTron did cover Snow White and the 7 Clever Boys in the Disney bootleg games video. When I finally got into watching Daddy Caddy’s videos for the first time, now I know why he hates Phoenix Games so much.

And one more thing about Peter Pan. If one of you guys look closely at the background from the boxart, it’s actually one of the concept arts stolen from Kingdom Hearts!!!
:rage: :anger: