Pinball Fans Out There?

During lockdown, I somehow fell in love with pinball. Now, mind you, I’ve never even looked at them at this point in my life. 0% interest whatsoever. All of a sudden, I’m obsessed with them! (Besides MST3K). Strange, right? Anyway, just wanted to share.

My favorite machines are:
Monster Bash
Creature from the Black Lagoon
Big Brave


Absolutely a pinball fan! If I wasn’t playing Street Fighter II at the arcade, I was playing pinball.

I love the hell out of the Addams Family pinball machine.

World Cup Soccer was some pretty solid stuff, too. And I can’t forget about the sheer immersive fun of the Twilight Zone machine!


I recently went with some friends to a huge arcade and museum in Hillsboro, OR, not far from here in Portland. They had tons of pinball machines, hundreds I think, though I wished some of them were the older models I remembered from my childhood in the '60s and '70s. Quite a fun place to visit.


That’s cool! In July I went to Silverball Arcade Museum in Asbury Park, NJ and played so many damn good games! It’s funny too because my heart is really with EMs, but I do love solid state machines also.


I’m an average pinball player, as I played them a couple of time at different arcades: roller skating rinks, Gameworks, and even a few other places.


I love me some pinball. I don’t have the room or the money for a real machine, but I’ve found a few digital pinball games that are a really good time.

The one I’ve been losing a lot of free time to lately is Pinball Deluxe Reloaded on my iPhone.


Consider using your computer! I have been playing Visual Pinball X for a year now. The simulated table physics are downright AMAZING. I am going to buy the AtGames Pinball Machine and modding it allows you to use both screens for your personal VPX tables or even PinballFX3!


I spent a lot of time drinking beer and playing…it was either the Addams Family or the Munsters…at this bar/café in Paris. That was twenty-five years ago, and that was one of the cultural highlights of my years there! :sunglasses:

Besides that? I used to like the old Microsoft Pinball game on…probably a WinXP machine. There were some others in the XP days I liked as well.

My current regular bar has about two or three of the more modern ones, but in the three and a half years I’ve been going there about five days a week, I’ve never been tempted. They got pool tables, and I’m getting too old and lazy to go for the pinball.

I did hear last week some dude in the yelling “You motherbuster, you will farking die!” to one of the machines. That caused a good deal of laughter among the barflies.


Oh I love me some pinball. Favorite machines include Pinbot, Xenon, and Spy Hunter. Haven’t played in a while, but the staccato clank of a working machine is a like a siren song to me.


I play it when it’s there but I’m not a snob who has a favorite machine.

I’m told Twilight Zone is the best, though.


I am a huge pinball far from back in the day. Black Knight and Black Knight 2000 are my favorites.

I was lucky enough to find a place on the coast that’s kind of a mini-pinball museum. They even had a non-functional bagatelle machine from probably the 30’s or 40’s along with some weird curios like Hercules (which wasn’t working, as is its natural state)


Spent some time at the Seattle Pinball Museum a few years back—set up in chronological order, all playable. I worked my way from the '50s up to Black Hole and stayed there. Always loved that one.


Pinball was one of my favorite NES games


I once went around to a bunch of the resorts at Walt Disney World, because each resort had an arcade, and every arcade had a TRON Legacy pinball machine. I played that game 12 times at 12 different resorts. Not that I’m good at pinball or anything, I just really like TRON. :smiley:


Massive pinball fan here - very proud owner of a Willy Wonka LE and Ghostbusters, two of my favourite films for sure. I would love a third but I just haven’t got the room.

I played a lot of virtual pinball over the years too but had to get rid of my cabinet when the real pins started arriving :slight_smile: I colour DMD animations for the semi-homebrew PIN2DMD project, with a few projects under my belt now; I am very proud of the colour project I did for STTNG, I was very strict about sticking to the series palette and really tried to do the franchise justice. I also did some projects for CFTBL, I500, The Flintstones and am in the process of redoing Demolition Man in 64 colour. If you don’t know about PIN2DMD, these can also be used on real pinball machines if people don’t want to go down the more expensive ColorDMD route.


Probably a close second-favorite. Fantastic game.


Quit talking and start chalking.


Absolutely love pinball. It’s had sort of a resurgence out where I live so, thankfully, there’s options on where to visit if the pinball urge strikes.

It’s just not the same. I enjoy virtualized pinball but there are intrinsic qualities that don’t make the jump from real to emulated. There’s a… feel… that gets lost.


I’ve had a Bow & Arrow for years…wow, decades at this point.

I got it fixed up over the lockdown and started taking an interest in fixing them myself. I acquired an old Solids & Stripes:

And have been planning to build my own with a re-theme, re-program of “High Speed”…


I’ve always wanted to own a pinball machine or two. Specifically these two:

But even if I had the disposable income to pay the significant amount those two games cost, I would have nowhere to put them. Oh well.