Pizza 🍕


Anyone know where to get a good slice? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Here in OKC, there is

Sauced gigantic slices of damn fine pizza.

Empire Slice House (at the Plaza) decently hefty fractions of some of the best pizza on the planet. I recommend the Fungus Amongus (not just a dump truck of mushrooms, but also truffle oil).

Stone Sisters Pizza Bar is fan-flipping-tastic. Ingredient selection feels unmatched, ranging from as healthy as kale, to as diabolical as bacon.


Pizza John’s
Baltimore/Essex, Maryland
Great pies with the mega cheese, tender crust, tasty sauce, and those little pepperonis that curl up like suction cups with a little well of hot grease in each one!


Halwani’s here in Columbus… oh, that tandoori chicken pizza! Also (finally) Marco’s, my hometown chain (I’m a Toledo boy originally). Hounddog’s and Adriatico’s round it out.

But the best pizzas I ever had were at Coccia House in Wooster, Ohio, and Great Plains in Ames, Iowa.

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Portland Pie in Portland, Maine. I lived there when I was younger and have yet to eat a slice of pizza that compares to theirs. In particular their buffalo chicken one… shivers just thinking about it. You think Torgo delivers to Washington?


I haven’t had a really great pizza in ages. When I lived in Nashville they had a couple of good ones, tasty, but nothing mind meltingly amazing. The last time I had that was when I was living in Yakima, a family-owned place in the valley mall. They closed shop when sadly, one of the family took ill.

Oh, if only I had a time machine. (Yes, I’d use it just for pizza… and seeing lost silent era films)


In my neck of the woods (San Francisco), it depends how you like your pizza.

For cheap, greezy, and good for soaking up your late night barhopping damage, Oz Pizza in the Castro or the joint that DNA Lounge runs.

Upper management types who say they like deep dish go to Patxi’s. The rest of us go to Little Star.

I cannot report on thin crust style as I really hate thin crust. But I hear Little Star has this covered.

Overloaded pizza with all the toppings falling off? North Beach (in, er, North Beach) or The Sausage Factory.

For delivery, I really like Seniore’s and Pizzaria Supremo. Escape from New York and Pizza Orgasmica are generally local favorites (though I think the latter shuttered due to the pandemic).

For Sicilian style, Golden Boy which also happens to be my favorite spot in the city. Line’s out the door; gotta take it with you or make it quick inside (which is covered end to end with years of sticker bombing).

Honorable mention to Giovanni’s in the South Bay because I’d eat there all the time if I lived in Sunnyvale but don’t because there’s nothing in Sunnyvale.


If you ever come down to the suburbs and you like flat pizza, check out Speederia Pizza in the hills of Redwood City. It’s the best pizza I’ve had since I left New York and it’s available by the slice.


My roomie/best friend is a celiac vegetarian, so if we want pizza, we make it! Our favorite is the “Meditinuttian”…homemade GF crust cooked on a pizza stone, topped with olive oil, softened greens, caramelized onions, roasted nuts, and crumbled feta or goat cheese. Num num num num.

There is a place called Don Antonio’s in Midtown Manhattan that does a KILLER gluten free crust with any toppings you’d like.

As a kid I grew up on Little Caesar’s (cheap!) and free Pizza Hut Personal Pan Pizza (the usual “carrot” for school systems in my day).

Great. Now I want pizza…


I haven’t tried Halwani’s, but tandoori chicken pizza sounds intriguing. For a couple of years, there was a place called Leone’s across the tracks from my neighborhood that was amazing.

When I lived in Augusta, Georgia, The Pizza Joint was a great place to get a slice at lunch and hang out on the dog-friendly patio.


It’s a little tiny hole in the wall place off Grandview near 5th, if you’re in the area. If you didn’t know it was there, you wouldn’t know it was there. We tried it on a whim, before a Fritz the Nite Owl show at the Grandview Theater and it just completely blew our minds. Absolutely the best crust in town, and the international pizzas are like nothing I’ve ever seen at any pizza place before.


Aurgh. I’m trying to remember the name of the place we went to in Minneapolis during the ConventioCon II Electric Boogaloo… a bunch of us Usenet MSTies went out to eat and Zorak and I split a pesto pizza that was more like a cake than a pie. It was three, four inches thick and solid like a good cheesecake.

It’s also the reason I ended up having my gall bladder out later that year, but it was worth it.


Arrenellos, Glennwood, IL.

Aurelios, Homewood, IL

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Also, my homemade pizza ?


What toppings and cheese have we got?

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Pizza 1: homemade roasted sweet pepper marinara sauce, hot Italian sausage, caramelized sweet onions, fresh mozzarella, 5 cheese shredded cheese blend

Pizza 2: homemade roasted garlic fontina alfredo sauce, hot Italian sausage, caramelized sweet onions, fresh mozzarella, 5 cheese shredded cheese blend


Bridger Brewing, in my opinion, has the best beer and best pizza in Bozeman Montana:

They have awesome selection and are always mixing up their menu. They always have a number of really good vegetarian options too, which is nice.


Also -

Lost River Pizza In Bowling Green, KY