Planet Goldar aka Mystery Science Radio

My pal was a touring member of Man Or Astroman? in the late 90s-early 00s as their projectionist where he ran up to 6 16mm projectors creating the band’s live show visuals. He got to meet Joel(once) the night he sang lead for the MST3k theme song with MOAM? and even snapped a few pics of the performance too. Needless to say he, and everyone there, was stoked.

But these radio shows happened long before that… Planet Goldar aka Mystery Science Radio was a college radio show where they riffed on storybook records and the like.

At best, this work might be considered near or in the style of ktma-era riffing, mainly meaning it is off the cuff. stupid, but occasionally charming or hilarious.

Have a listen to some (or all) of this newly uploaded collection:


My favorite part is the 60fps action on that rocket.

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From the thread title I was wondering if there was something riffing on old-time radio shows. Not the comedies probably, but I wonder if you could riff on something like, IDK, Suspense?


What year was all this happened?

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after Pez returned from college, having made Planet Goldar there, he & i decided to use one of the storybook records as the audio for an action figure video. this video got him chatting to MOAM? at a show of theirs(which he brought a elementary school style a/v set-up for playback) and led to his becoming a peripheral member of the MOAM? band/crew:

this video was a pre-show treat for a couple of tours.

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but back to riffing…
i have been checking out more iRiffs from rifftrax, and these radio shows are earlier homages to the same comedy style, so thought they deserved to be shared.

MOAM + “The Dirtbag” (old horticulture show on KBOO) = Garden MOAM

MOAM + Manufacturing Consent = MOAM Chomsky

You’re welcome.

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:musical_score:puttin’ on the riffs :musical_score:

cut & paste art for VHS tapes sold a MOAM? shows