PlayStation Underground hosted by MST3K

Did anyone here subscribe to PlayStation Underground back in the day? I subscribed for a couple of years (still have my discs!) and the absolute highlight was the time that Mike and the bots hosted. Not only did they have some great video game-specific riffs, the last few minutes featured a nice peek behind the curtain on the show itself in a time before DVD special features.


I can’t remember which Experiment it was, but there’s one where they make a Parappa the Rapper riff- “Kick! Punch! It’s all in the mind.” It really caught me off-guard. I had no idea at least some of them were gamers and playing contemporary games at the time.


To the best of my memory, I believe that was during a fight scene in Devil Fish.


This is amazing! I’ve never heard of this until now. I vaguely recall that PlayStation Underground was a thing that existed. You still have this video on disc?

Yes I do (pic below)! The discs only work in PlayStation consoles, so that’s the only way to view the content. I watched the MST3K segment over and over so I could see all of the behind-the scenes workings. For instance, I had no idea how the sets were laid out or that they used fully black puppets for the theater segments.


Hmm! Is that a PS1 disc or PS2? I’m wondering if it’s possible to read it on a PC via emulator and rip the original video. It’s nice that YouTube has the video, but it’s original quality would surely be better.

It’s a PS1 disc. It should run fine in an emulator as long as the emulator runs from the CD-ROM drive (a lot of emulators only run ISO’s).

Edit: or you can rip your own ISO

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