Please add an "Owned" Filter

I would love to see a filter on the home screen that allows me to only see the episodes that I already own. Currently the navigation in the app is very difficult to use as you have to traverse your random collections to find content rather than being able to browse your full collection all at once (and ideally sorted by season).

That being said, I’m super excited to see all of this coming together!


Are you requesting this for the apps, or the virtual theater?

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I have a similar request. Perhaps something like, next to the ‘Purchases’ section, add a ‘My Library’ under which would show all of the episodes that one has purchased, preferably in order, by season?


I find the “Library” in the top bar (Browse, Search, Library) a bit confusing because I expect it to be a “My Library” thing like JCM is suggesting, but then it appears not to be that.


I agree; “Library” is confusing as it could mean all
movies or just movies you can watch now.

In the App/Web interface, the place where you can see all movies and shorts, whether you own them or not, should be called “Video Shelf” to keep in line with the video store vibe of it all. The place where you can see all the movies you have purchased or are available on a rotation should be called “My Movies,” “My Library,” or even “Ready to Watch.” There might be tags in the “Ready to Watch” to mark movies that you have permanently and ones that are on a rotation.


That’s what it is for me.

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The season by season listing of owned episodes on the main page could solve this problem but I’ve noticed it doesn’t show all the episodes I own in my various collections.


Just keep me from buying episodes twice on any platform. There is no reason to own a single thing twice on the same platform.


I was about to lament how this shows a lack of good sportsmanship after decisively winning an argument in the forums. And then I realized you weren’t talking about the forums OR that kind of “owned.” D’oh!!


It would also be useful to have the inverse of this; between the collections I think there’s about 4 episodes currently on Gizmoplex that’s not in my library. It would be nice to have a button I can click to tell me which ones I’m missing.


Yes! It’s my first day in the Gizmoplex and this is the only thing I’m sorely missing so far. I bought everything with “Ultimate” in it during the Kickstarter; basically, if it’s MST3K, I want it. I would gladly get on a subscription model where you just take some of my money whenever there’s something new to add - especially if it’s a question of rights becoming available and wanting to snap it up.



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Which home screen?

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If you are in the Virtual Theater, there is now a menu choice for “Owned” episodes.


That’s all I want. When I go to look at the episodes on the store, it would be nice to be able to see on the store front when I’m browsing which episodes I already own, and which ones I should buy. For example, The Robot vs. The Aztec Mummy. I’d like to see SOME indication on any of these pages on the storefront (a checkmark, or word “owned”, or something:


That I already have access to this video through my “Ultimate Collection”:

Sure, I still want the option to be able to buy it, perhaps as a gift for someone else… but to help “complete” my collection, it’d be nice to be able to do it right from the store front without having to cross reference an Excel sheet, or some other webpage on the Gizmoplex.

Or heck, at the very least, a warning when you go to make the purchase that says “you already own this title, are you SURE you want to buy it again???”, because I’m sure the lack of such a message is going to cause nightmares for your customer service department sooner, rather than later!

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So as usual, we have no real ability to change how the main site functions, because that’s developed and managed by Vimeo OTT. But in the Virtual Theater, we’re working on a VERY substantial overhaul of the Video Store, which is why it hasn’t launched yet. We’ll be rolling it out over the next few months. :slight_smile:


I look forward to this update. Currently i am not able to figure out which episodes i do not own on in the screening bunker. If i can find it easily in the vault store then that solves that problem. At this point the episodes are like Pokemon for me. Gotta catch em all and i have 4 to go apparently.

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So far the best option I’ve found to determine which episodes are available that you don’t own is to go to your video fridge and search MST3K Episodes season by season switching back and forth between showing owned and all videos. I was able to determine I’m only missing two, Viking Women and the Sea Serpent and It Lives by Night. Unfortunately I don’t see an option to purchase either on the gizmoplex or VHS websites.

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This is now a working feature in the Beta Gizmoplex.
Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 5.16.49 PM

Unfortunately, it can’t be used to find the ones you don’t own, but it’s still a very handy feature.

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