Please correct me if I'm wrong RE: Joel's S13 Crow

Am I completely misremembering that Jonah, on a podcast if I believe, casually dropped that J. Elvis and Bill would be Joel’s Tom & Crow in his upcoming episodes, even though that has never been announced officially?

I ask because in reading through Bill’s Reddit AMA from early June he contradicts that:


They were the bots with Joel in the MIGIZI shorts. Maybe that led to speculation they’d both return as his bots in the new series?


Yeah, I think we all hoped or guessed that trio might hold through Joel’s episodes, but when Jonah said it I took it as at least a bit more official. He may have been hopeful/guessing as well.

I think that podcast was shared somewhere in the KS comments … I’ll do some digging.


I remember Joel confirming that J.Elvis would be involved as a writer in the new shows. Whether that’s snowballed into Josh being a bot again, I don’t know.
Maybe just on the two shows that Joel says he’ll host, but that’s a pure guess.


Found it:

Dumb People Town
Date: 5/11/21
30 minute mark on the dot


Yeah, unfortunately Bill closed the door on this a few months ago. Too bad. It would have been fun.

He likely doesn’t want to cross the streams between Rifftrax and MST too much.


I’d been wondering about this. I expected they’ve been holding it as a surprise. But if every host gets their own Tom & Crow, I’ve been curious who’d fill those roles with Joel. I was betting on Josh. But we’re not getting Trace back. It was cool having Bill do that short last year. And seeing Rifftrax and MST3K add rewards to each other’s Kickstarters. But who else would be Crow? Matt? Or revive the tradition and have Felicia and Patton double as Tom and Crow? Or just guest spot Tom and Crow, like suddenly there’s Neil Patrick Harris as Tom? Any guesses?

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Joel mentioned last night that Connor would be his Servo, and that Josh would be coming in, but he didn’t say specifically whether J. Elvis would be his Crow or if he was only returning as a writer for the Joel eps and/or maybe making a guest appearance (as Larry?)


And at her Instagram Kelsey posted this image of her puppeteering Crow, with Joel in costume behind them. Now, Josh could still provide the voice, but here you go…

If that doesn’t work, maybe this?

Kelsey Ann Brady (@onebradylady) • Instagram photos and videos


I don’t think I’d want a celebrity cameo voice. I think it would take me out of it too much if it was a really recognizable guest voice.


I… wasn’t listening.

I… was

I always listen… always… listen. (cue spooky music)

I know many things, for I walk by night…

I, am the Whistler


Just spitballing, but at this point I’d guess that Joel will also be in the Simulator of Love with the Simulator of Love bots.


I’m catching up on the stream now. Haven’t gotten to the post-show talk yet. Good to know. I was kind of hoping for some twist. Maybe even Jonah and Emily as Tom and Crow? But the current cast is solid and it’ll be awesome to have Joel back.

Okay. Finally got to that part of the stream. (It’s about 2.5 hours into last night’s stream. Halfway through the Q&A portion.) They’re talking about writing for the different casts. Joel explains that different performers give different takes on the same line, but for a writer a Crow riff is a Crow riff. And then he says:

We are just assembling a show, and then, here’s this cast - and it could be Emily’s cast, or it’s Jonah’s cast, or a mix. Or when I’m doing my riffing stuff, it’s pieces of all of it. Like, J. Elvis Weinstein is coming in, and Connor McGiffin is Servo for me, so I’ve got a bunch of different moving pieces going on…

Am I misunderstanding, or is Joel saying that he’s got multiple people involved? Josh is Servo and then Connor is Servo and he’s mixing and matching people around in different segments? Or is Josh there in some other capacity?

Joel is doing the Christmas special which is also the season finale, right? So maybe they all took turns? We’ve already got the setup from Emily’s introduction that the hosts are going to try to work together. I could see them swapping bots around mid-episode as part of some plan, maybe?

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It sounds like Josh is going to be involved but he isn’t playing Servo, but it’s very vague, isn’t it?

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I wouldn’t mind if bot voices changed throughout the episode.

And even during the show’s run, that happens all the time.