Podcasts...Love 'Em, Name 'Em!

I’ve listened to Decoder Ring Theatre (pulp-style productions) for many years now and recently have been going through Death by Monsters (cryptid/mystery related stuff). I used to listen to One Shot Podcast (TTRPG play-throughs, primarily by Chicago-area improv comedians) but seem to have fallen off from them for a bit.


Could I plug on one of my podcasts? I am a host of Supernatural Selection, a podcast featuring professional amateurs exploring the paranormal and occult.

The show launched summer of last year, but we are 30+ episodes in. So far, the reaction from listeners has been great, and all three of us on the show are MST3K nerds, so we do drop references here and there.

The only caveat is that we would probably be considered NSFW for language, but we have some very dedicated listeners who praise our approach.

Here are our most popular episodes, not in any specific order:

  1. Lazar Focused (about Bob Lazar, and back when the show was rotating co-hosts)
  2. Hopkinsville Green Frog (the Hopkinsville goblins; I wrote this one)
  3. What the Fouke (a three-part series on The Legend of Boggy Creek, perfect for Misties. I wrote this one)
  4. Into the Santaverse (our Christmas special, the Krampus discussion gets hilarious)
  5. Over the Moon: Part One (we did a two part series on moon conspiracies which was very well received and left us emotionally crippled)
  6. Nostradamus: Part One (first in a two part exploration of Nostradamus I wrote, a personal favorite of mine)

We also do weekly weird topic discussions between researched episodes that are a lot of fun. Please give it a listen if you’re looking for a podcast. We’ll be covering Dancing Plague this week. The episodes also air on the radio before they go live at WFUC.XYZ.


Being the creator and co-host of this, I highly recommend checking this one out. :smiley:


There are a few I listen to regularly:

Wrestling Observer Radio and the Bryan & Vinny Show: The only podcasts I’ll ever pay to listen to. No one covers wrestling like Dave Meltzer, Bryan Alvarez, Vincent Verhei and the entire WON/F4W crew.

How Did This Get Made? and Unspooled: Paul Scheer and friends talk about the worst and best movies of all time. It’s always awesome listening to these after you’ve watched the movies in question.

Movie Sign with The Mads was always a lot of fun. I can listen to Frank talk about movies all day. He’s a cinema encyclopedia. I kinda hope Trace, Frank and Carolina bring it back one day.

Let Me Watch Your Movie with You seems inactive as well right now, but its running commentary track format is great. Plus, it’s hosted by Jonah which…insta-stan.

Moviemaker’s The Industry podcast is really informative. Their show about Santo Gold’s Blood Circus is a must-listen. Some great interviews throughout.

Triple Click has some good video gaming analysis without an off-putting vibe (honestly, I just wanted to hear Jason Schreier talk about games for an hour and got so much more).

It’s Just a Show is my favorite MST3K specific podcast. They review every show in the series’ history and it’s always nice to listen to after watching a show. The hosts do a great job breaking down the films and riffs and are genuinely funny. And genuinely Canadian.


I am highly recommending the latest (4/5/22) episode of StarTalk…featuring Levar Burton!

Levar, along with NGT and Carl Sagan, really is one of the great communicators of our age.

Welcome to Night Vale


…well, I think I know why it ended.

My list:
The Ezra Klein show - detailed look at current news
The Industry - behind the scenes stories of film making
Astonishing Legends - fun hosts looking at stories of the paranormal
Radio Lab - from the NPR show
Revisionist History - Malcolm Gladwell’s look at historic and current events
The Daily - NYT’s daily in depth news story
Startalk - Neil Degrasse Tyson’s science and pop culture talk show
The Friendship Onion - Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan (Pippen and Merry from the LOTR movies) - just a fun show listening to two friends enjoying themselves. Really helped me get through the last year of the pandemic.
The Infinite Monkey Cage - BBC radio science discussion with actual scientists and comedians. Not sure if they are still active but always a fun listen.
Sci Fri - NPR’s weekly show with Ira Flatow. I love the annual Ig-nobel awards show.

Yes, I work from home these days and usually have a podcast on in the background. Thanks everyone with your suggestions, I’ll try some of them out.

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I forgot to mention one that just started a new season this week–You Must Remember This. It’s hosted by Karina Longworth and covers various stories/actors/etc. Past seasons have covered dead blondes (think Jean Harlow and Jayne Mansfield), various claims in Kenneth Anger’s Hollywood Babylon and whether or not they’re true, and the glory days of MGM. This season is entitled Erotic '80s, so probably not best to listen to it around young children. Anyway, I really enjoy it.


Cospod. The Cosplay Podcast!


Purple Stuff Podcast is the only podcast I follow. Other than that it is just listening to music. Like right now? Peter Gabriel because someone decided to post Peter Gabriel in the Masks thread.

Stuff You Should Know
Star Wars Minute

I’ve got two podcasts I follow regularly.

School of Movies - A husband and wife duo who perform in-depth movie reviews with special guests. They’re wonderfully insightful and delightful to hear.

We Hate Movies - Four comedians from the NYC area riff on various movies. The first episode I discovered was their emergency review of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. It was more entertaining than the movie itself.

If you enjoy both of these shows, I recommend supporting their Patreon pages. You will receive bonus content that isn’t available on their main feed.

I’m surprised the MST3k related podcasts haven’t been mentioned.
It’s Just A Show has been brought up a few times, they’re great.
But don’t skip these other excellent pods about MST3k (or tangentially related):
SOL-Mates (MST3k and relationships and cocktails!)
Gizmonic Institute Radio (two people stranded in space and forced to watch and review MST3k episodes!)
Reels of Justice (spin-off from the old MST3k Revival League pod, where movies are deemed good or bad)
The Coolness Chronicles (a full, intensive rundown of MST3k. This season focuses on Airplane!)
The Damn Dirty Drive-In (home of the old MST3k Revival League podcasts, many great interviews with cast and crew)
The Jacked Up Review Show Podcast (pop culture pod that has MST3k guests occasionally)
Suns and Shadows-Cast (all about cancelled too soon shows)


Hey, thanks everyone who has been shouting out It’s Just A Show! We are honoured.


Well worth checking out, folks.

And we’re glad to have you aboard here, welcome!


I need to get back into your show. (Hope to see you there at the live showing.)

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Hey everyone! The podcast I work on, Shezam, just won an award!


I know what you might be thinking: “Shezam is a feminist magician podcast, but Chris… you’re not a magician. What gives?” I get that a lot, but it’s fine. The show focuses on the magic community but so much of it is applicable to any area in which you might interact with people. So, like… life?

Anyway, we’re going to end our in-season break in the next few weeks and gear up for our 100th episode (which will be numbered like 95 or something because there were some unnumbered specials or X.5 episodes along the way) but don’t let that scare you. Getting an award today makes it seem like a good time to promote it, especially since I never promote anything I’m involved with.



Rhett Miller from the Old 97’s has a great podcast called Wheels Off where he interviews creators in various art forms. Highly positive conversations