Poll: Cheesiest Villain as Portrayed by an A-List Actor, Round Three!

Continuing the discussion from Poll: Cheesiest Villain as Portrayed by an A-List Actor, Round Two!

It was no contest: Ahhhnold as “Mr. Freeze” won round two in a landslide. Vincent Price’s “Dr. Phibes” made a good show of things, however. On to round three!

Cheesiest Villain as Portrayed by an A-List Actor, Round Three
  • “The Riddler / Edward Nigma” - Jim Carrey, Batman Forever (1995)
  • “Miss Gulch / The Wicked Witch of the West” - Margaret Hamilton, The Wizard of Oz (1939)
  • “Dr. Zachary Smith” - Gary Oldman, Lost in Space (1998)
  • “Thulsa Doom” - James Earl Jones, Conan the Barbarian (1982)

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Leslie Nielson on Viva Knievel. Maybe not exactly fitting the bill of the topic, but…the movie is SO cheesy, and ever word out of Leslie’s mouth just felt like it was going to be followed up with a Naked Gun-esque punchline.


Ooh, Leslie Nielson. I think you’ve got our winner, though it’s sadly not an MST episode. Ditto for his other RT appearance in Day of the Animals.

Bless him, I know Leslie built his career on serious roles, and only in his later years did Airplane and the like come along. But those movies just steamrolled all his prior work, and he apparently embraced it with gusto and enjoyed the hell out of his unplanned transformation into a comedy legend.

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I’ve added "Stanley Millard” (Leslie Nielson) to the list for future polls. Matchups right now are strictly luck-of-the-draw — or in this case, a @discobot roll. :game_die:

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Shut up, @discobot! :man_facepalming:

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The George Clooney / Val Kilmer era Batman villains probably deserve their own category for a face off. They set the Guinness record for cheese.

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Margaret Hamilton’s Wicked Witch was iconic; she set the standards for all movie witches who followed. I went with Oldman because I just can’t see anyone other than Jonathan Harris as Dr. Smith.

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Riddle me this, MSTies — who won this week’s round? Jim Carrey, that’s who!

Clearly, we need to have a battle of the Batman villains to settle this once and for all — or at least until the next movie comes out. So on to round four!

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The next poll should include John Travolta in Battlefield Earth.


Not in Round Four, sadly — if he’d only landed a Batman villain gig. But he’s in the running for future rounds!