Poll: Favorite Episodes of Season 13

Now that all of the episodes of Season 13 are out, which ones were your extra special favorites? Vote for your top three faves here.

  • Beyond Atlantis
  • Demon Squad
  • Doctor Mordrid
  • Gamera vs. Jiger
  • Munchie
  • Robot Wars
  • Santo in the Treasure of Dracula
  • The Batwoman
  • The Bubble
  • The Christmas Dragon
  • The Mask
  • The Million Eyes of Sumuru
  • The Shape of Things To Come

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I’ll probably have to watch a couple of these episodes again before making my final vote, but I’m sure some folks here have already made their choices.


I could only vote for three favorites, but really I loved all of them except Munchie. Even with the riffs, that one was a slog.


For me, it’s Robot Wars that was the slog.


I’m glad we’re picking three! I could never pick just one.

I’ll be honest, I’ve only watched half of The Bubble and haven’t even watched Shape of Things to Come yet, so I can’t make a fair assessment about either. For that reason, I can’t list a “least favorite” yet.

I didn’t much like the movies behind Robot Wars and Beyond Atlantis but thought the riffing did a lot to make them much better episodes. It’s gonna honestly be tough to pick a least favorite this season, all of them (that I’ve seen) have their moments.


Robot Wars did redeem itself a little when the twerp character got decked.


There are no Manos-level slogs in Season 13 for me, but The Shape of Things to Come is kind of a project. I’ve seen it at least 3 times, and you could offer me $10,000 to summarize the plot right now at no risk to your personal bottom line.

Emily & Co. riffed 2 of my 3 favorites (including Beyond Atlantis, which is aggressively approaching High School Big Shot’s All-Time Fave throne), and have pretty obviously run away with my heart.


There’s a bad guy, and another guy with Old Movie Disease, but that’s all I can remember.


This is a great example, because I literally forgot this character existed until you mentioned him. I vaguely remember Palance.


The plot (such as that may be) is a little more coherent in the RiffTrax version, which has fewer edits, but I still can’t remember what it was.


I can’t vote at the time since I’ve only watched most of them once. I just want to complain about the options in the vote being in alphabetical order instead of episode order.

Why must you do this to me? :rofl:


I chose Doctor Mordrid, The Mask, and The Christmas Dragon on exactly zero revisits once posed. This is a cauldron, not a line.


Voted, but this list is reminding me how much I actually need to sit down and rewatch this season. The only ones I’ve watched more than once are Santo and Atlantis and that’s because they were part of the marathon. Also, I was trying to multitask the forum watchalong debut threads and the episodes and may have missed stuff.


I went with Munchie (a top 10 episode for me), Santo, and The Christmas Dragon, although Sumuru and The Mask were contenders as well.


Little surprised Munchie got some votes but Robot Wars has nothing. But I looked at this list and had reactions to all of them until I got to Shape of Things to Come and then I was like what? What’s that? Was that a movie? Oh yeah… I think it was a good episode but apparently it’s one of those “didn’t leave much impression behind” movies.

Had to pick between Atlantis and Dr Mordid for my third pick, but mostly because I love Jeffrey Combs, so ultimately I went Atlantis as the stronger episode overall.


Why MUNCHERS is my favorite episode for this season: I have nothing against Dom DeLuise, but the titular brown pest himself should stay away from us as much as possible.

Gamera vs. Jiger, Demon Squad, and The Christmas Dragon are all going into my comfort episode rotation, with backup by Munchie and Beyond Atlantis. The rest of my good-tier episodes were topped by Doctor Mordrid, while Robot Wars hangs as the low fruit.


Atlantis - Mordrid - Bubble


My three were Beyond Atlantis, the Bubble, and, for no other reason than my love of classic 3-D movies, The Mask.


Surprisingly, Gamera vs. Jiger was the slog for me. Those kids dragged that movie down so much and the fight scenes were just boring. I went in with high hopes, but it really bored me. And it wasn’t just the extra 15 minutes.


I really need to watch them all again. I’ve rewatched them up through Munchie, but I need more time with the rest to really sort them out in my mind. They’re all really strong episodes, but I think I’ve got to go with Beyond Atlantis (they mothercrabbin’ killed that one), Batwoman, and maybe El Santo, but that could easily change as I revisit them. There’s not an episode here I wouldn’t happily watch again. The Shape of Things to Come might be my least favorite, but that’s down to the movie and not the episode.