Poll: Favorite Shorts of Season 13

We’ve done episodes…

Now how about selecting our 3 favorite shorts? Boxers, briefs, or…

  • Pipeline to the Clouds
  • Let’s Make a Meal in 20 Minutes
  • Court Case
  • Sleep For Health
  • The Wonder of Reproduction
  • Cavalcade
  • Balance Beam for Girls
  • Bicycle Visual Skills
  • Bicycle Driver
  • Let’s Keep Food Safe to Eat
  • Mr. B Natural
  • Better Breakfasts USA!
  • Doing Things for Ourselves in School

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Chose Cavalcade and Mr. B

What can I say? I enjoyed them all, but there’s no denying that villains make great riffers. <3

[ETA- I could swear that at first it said that I could choose only two. But Court Case would definitely get my vote for the Bronze (BALLS!) Thennnks.]


My vote for “Pipeline to the Clouds” did not register.:cry:

My Mighty Three

1. Cavalcade - Larry and Pearl were a force of nature.

2. Better Breakfasts USA! - I like that the print was messed up at the start, and that they made a riff on that (about tiny tornados). Reminded me of the good old days and shows how, sometimes, not having a pristine picture can actually be a plus.

3. Court Case - Emily and the Bots and balls - but this was a toughie, because it’s neck and neck with “The Wonders of Reproduction” and “Bicycle Visual Skills”


Strange, it took all 3 of mine. Try removing your votes and giving it another go.

Edit: I double checked, and it shows a min of 1, a max of 3. Anyone else not getting the full 3?

Edit, edit - I have to catch some Zs, so I won’t be around anytime soon to respond to replies to the above question. Hopefully it’s taking all your votes.

I reloaded the page and it let me enter a vote for Pipeline.

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For me, Cavalcade was the runaway champ this season. It felt like a short sampler pack of riffing material (if that makes sense), and Mary Jo and J. Elvis brought their A-game to some superbly written riffs. Plus, having Pearl AND Dr. Erhardt made that jazz ridiculously fun.

Bicycle Visual Skills had some screamingly hilarious dark riffs, and I’m always down for those.

And of course, who am I to say ‘no’ to Kinga and Max taking on Mr. B Natural ?

Honorable mentions to Pipeline to the Clouds (the “Omar comin’” reference is an all-timer) and Bicycle Driver (which gave us Pearl, Synthia, AND Mega-Synthia in the theater!).


These are two of the ones I wrote for because villains make great writers, despite what my teachers all said.


3: Pipeline to the Clouds
2: Bicycle: Visual Skills
1: Cavalcade

Honorable mentions go to the Kinga and Max riff of Mr. B Natural for being an excellent update of a classic and Court Case for my overall favorite Season 13 Short riff:

Servo: “This is a lot of work for something your dog will chew on.”


You can click “Show Vote” and try again? (It may be time limited?)

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All of the above?

I loved them all?

I’ve related all at least twice?

Voted for Mr. B, Sleep for Health and Bicycle Visual Skills.

But, really need an “all the above” option… really too hard to choose just three favorites?


My only disappointment with this season’s shorts was that there was no “Home of Tomorrow” type ambitious goofiness to riff on.


I need to watch all of these again—I have zero clue what to click. The Moody Institute shorts have always creeped me out so maybe not those. Or maybe so.


Shorts are my riffin’ jam. Perfect little bite-sized morsels of enjoyment. Naturally, I love 'em all!

But because @JakeGittes didn’t provide an “all of the above” option, I chose Pipeline to the Clouds (I appreciated the glimpse into the writer’s room for this one as a “set visit”), Cavalcade (Pearl riffing!) and Court Case (because balls :face_with_hand_over_mouth:).


“Court Case” was my favorite of the season. It’s incredulous, goofy and just the right amount of silly. It’s been the short I’ve rewatched most often. Kelsey, Emily and Conor really did well together (as always).

I will have to rewatch the others and perhaps submit them again, but I really liked the Mr. B re-riff…it won’t replace the original but it was really well done. I’m glad we have three MST3K affiliated riffs of this legendary (and legendarily unsettling) short.

My third, in this list, was “Let’s Keep Food Safe to Eat” but I can’t remember if the riffing in that or “Better Breakfasts USA” were better than the other. May take a raincheck.

Overall, though, the shorts were a lot of fun and I’ll be more than happy with more being added to the collection over time, especially with new characters and different riffing combinations.


I could make an argument for an “All of the Above” vote as well.

All 13 were so good! :smiley:


Agreed. I didn’t vote because I like them all and I don’t think any in particular stand out.


Wow, it’s amazing how 80% of you can be so wrong…

Mine were all Mads riffs. Sometimes it’s like that. :face_with_monocle:

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I’ll share a secret… my pet peeve on polls like this, “All of the Above” options. Of course it’s difficult with these winners, but that’s the challenge, that’s the brain teaser, that’s the desert isle scenario.

Be brave, no cop outs allowed. You can do it!

(And you are doing marvelously, what pretty answers) :+1:

It did, even though it let me vote 3, even though I entered 3 options, even though when I checked (after saying “the hell?”) it had 3 listed? I dunno, it was weird for a moment there.