POLL: Who Is the Geekiest / Nerdiest MST3K Character?

I meant Wanda Saknussum, not the actual Kathy Ireland.

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Agreed. Perrico is absolutely milquetoast … but he also sort TRIES to at the same time be some sort of fashionista / hipster. He’s got the demeanor of the nerd … but it’s not through and through the entirety of his existence.

But Mikey … there is NOTHING about that kid that isn’t nerdy / geeky / dweeby. For my money, he makes Perrico look like George Clooney. I think some people just have Perrico in their top of mind because they’ve seen him more recently.


I think part of it’s also something of a contrast, too, what with being in close proximity to El Santo, who is at best an obliviously hurtful tornado of machismo and at worst an overbearing domineering jerkface. When Perrico looks dorky, it’s because El Santo makes him dorky.

The man’s got that dollar bling. I can’t fault him for that.

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I would like to submit to the jury that every time Perrico is frightened, his pants fall down.


Your honor, and ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I too am amused by the dweebiness and spectacle of Perrico. It is true that there are moments … MOMENTS I say … where he shines out as one of the true luminaries of nerdiness in the pantheon of fictional film characters.

Now I ask you to take those moments of Perrico … savor them in your mind … and put them together into a total picture. The percentage of those moments add up to … what shall we say … fifty percent of his screen time? Let’s be generous and say it reaches a rarified 75% of his presence. Either number is respectable … admirable … and marks him as above most of his peers in nerdiness.

But not above ALL of them.

Yes, members of the court, I now ask you to consider in the same vein the total screen presence of Mikey Walton. Little Mikey … who more than equals Perrico’s dweeb factor in sheer purity alone. Even if we must consider them too close to separate in nerd content you must acknowledge that every nanosecond of Mikey’s screen time is geekiness distilled and turned into celluloid. So while Perrico and Mikey may be equals as nerds alone … Mikey carries that with him every iota of every moment that he exists.

And so your honor … I submit that Mikey is the truer, more perfect representation of the Dweeb in Film. We give Perrico his deserved honor and respect for what he has brought to the medium, but must acknowledge that he does not imbue that nature in every filmed moment. Mikey however … is a Dweeb forged from the purest, Jungian elemental Dweebium taken from Mount Nerdmore and refined by the finest Geek artisans. His aura permeates every instant of every scene he is in, and for that reason I submit that he is … in fact … the Geekiest, Nerdiest, and Dweebiest character in all filmdom.

That is his crime. It is also … his punishment. I rest my case.


I think it’s more like: this is the 21st Century and it’s fine to be a nerd-about-town and have the occasional hip piece of jewelry to wear, etc. Especially once you’re an adult. Who knows? Maybe there’s a lost sequel called Teenage Santo where Mikey goes on the road with a big wrestler-science dude, too!


@timryder - I beg of you, please, you must perform this scene for us.

For anyone who doesn’t know the source of the last line


He accuses his parents.


But did he win an essay contest?

Hey wait a minute- Jimmy built his whole life around writing an essay. Could he be… a nerd?


Did we miss Nick from Time Chasers in this discussion (my neck hurts, so I can’t look too far up the thread :wink:)?

He teaches Physics at The University and with only 64K of RAM at his disposal, he wrote code for a Commodore 64 to create a time machine-- sorry, time transport.


Hmmm… good question.

We’re going to get lost in the semantic weeds here, but I see Jimmy as more of a dork than an out-and-out nerd.


Come to think of it, you never see Mikey and Perrico together …


That occurs in a later episode.


Yeah. Jimmy is disqualified owing to how he attracted a pretty girl about 45 seconds into his shoe career.

Nick is disqualified for being in such good physical condition. Definitely not winded after the 30-yard dash like, say, Troy.


Troy McGreggor wins this hands down. After all, he hasn’t been this tense since mock U.N.


Kill him! Kill him!


I’m reconsidering my whole Weltanschauung here…


No, Troy’s just a wimp.

Mikey is the true and only geek.

He’s not a nerd. That goes to Nick, hands down. Nick is also a dork, but not a dweeb.

He is THE geek, though, Mikey is. He’ll smell any couch cushion, anywhere, any time. And he’s always already inside.

Maybe he’s a freak, also.

I just don’t know anymore.


Did he, though? Remember, the whole movie is a compulsive liar telling a story. She’s sitting there going “no, creepy dude sold me shoes and started hanging around my club. I’m just here because I feel bad for how easily my boss turned him into a drug mule.”


Having just watched High School Big Shot again last night, I feel like I have to at least include Marv in this discussion. He definitely has Geek covered, and I think we can include Nerd as well, since Betty is just using him to do her homework, while she has another guy on the side. I’m not so sure on whether he counts as a Dweeb or a Dork though.