POLL: Who Is the Geekiest / Nerdiest MST3K Character?

Nerdception ?!?!

I’m not ready for this. I only just finished my coffee!!

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So many nerdy choices… I can’t pick just one!


Marv doesn’t quite fit in the Geek, Dweeb, Nerd description. He’s bookish yes, but he doesn’t have that awkward, offputting demeanor … plus no social skills … plus being a totally useless load like the true candidates do.

Same with the guy from Outlaw of Gor. He’s obnoxious and useless, but he doesn’t have that dweeby sort of style so much as he comes off as a determined Yes Man.

I considered both, but ultimately discarded them as not quite fitting the descriptor. Jimmy from I Accuse My Parents is just kind of a lying, naïve creep.

Last round of votes. Any last takers to vote for Mikey or does Perrico get the nod?

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Well … the results are in and …

It’s a TIE!

Perrico and Mikey Walton are co-winners of the dubious title for the Geekiest / Nerdiest / Dweebiest characters in MST3K filmdom. Froggy comes in a somewhat distant but respectable third place at 19% of the votes, but Perrico and Mikey both raked in a whopping 32% each.

So congratulations … I guess … to Perrico and Mikey for your shared, well-deserved victories.

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Bah. Eddie Deezen is clearly the official nerd of all late 70s and early 80s movies.


Well, I’m open to a “re-do” of the poll in the interest of refining the list. It has to be said that the original poll missed some of the people that COULD have been in the running … which includes…

Dr. Krasker (Dead Talk Back)
Dr. Baines (Killer Shrews)
Jesse (Girl in Lovers Lane)
Genius (Village of the Giants)

I honestly don’t think any of these other four would have come close to winning. I think again the 1, 2, and 3 spots in any poll we run would always come down to Perrico, Mikey, and Froggy. It would simply be a matter of how many votes got peeled away from Perrico or Mikey into these other options which would (perhaps) make the determining factor as to which of the two top Dweebs ended up being dropped to the #2 spot.


I don’t think Jesse is a nerd. He’s not smart enough.

Yeah I’m not sure that Jesse or Dr. Krasker really count for this sort of contest. They’re close. But as you say Jesse is more of a sleazy creep than a nerd/geek/dweeb. And Dr. Krasker and Genius are both COMPETENT at what they do, so they don’t entirely count in this category either. Dr. Baines is nerdy, geeky, and somewhat of a load but he still isn’t a completely useless pile either so he’s a bit of a grey area.

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