Portland was fantastic...

Great photos, meet and greet, merch, and show… far too little time to catch up with friends before they roll on to Boise…


Pictures or it never happened! :sunglasses:

Pretty envious, since I couldn’t make it yesterday evening, but go ahead on!

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Wife and I had a great time! First live MST3K show for me, I was surprised at how well the format translated to the stage in general.

Performances were good, puppetry was funny, the movie was a nightmare, and the riffs were great. Looking forward to more from Emily in the new season.

I did think the screen was a little small, which wasn’t a problem for us since we had seats close to the front, but I hope it wasn’t too bad for people farther back. Just a limitation of the venue, which was otherwise a lovely place to see a show. (First time there for me.)


A ticketing snafu meant I missed the meet and greet and couldn’t show off my deep cut MST3K tee to Nate and Emily.

The movie was bonkers and the riffs were great. I loved the Calls from Your Dad song. Crow’s voice threw me for a bit. (Kind of a reverse sausage fest last night)
Servo seemed a little loud, mainly in the second act.


Incidentally, hope Conor is okay. Not sure if it’s an expected absence as it seems he was out for a few recent shows. This pandemic has me paranoid and worried about everyone.


@ The Schnitz, right?

Yeah, that’s a tough one with the overhang of the balcony and that odd “dip” in the floor at orchestra level.

I wonder how many MSTies showed up, anyway? It’s a pretty big hall, somewhat, so I’d like to think most everybody could have got up close to the stage.

And what’s all this “screen” stuff, anyway?

Just curious and getting pre-prepared to be locked and headless like a chicken for the next time they roll through. * Knocks wood, polishes up the dummy, throws dice, saves up PTO hours for future events.*

Yep that’s the venue!

The show wasn’t sold out or anything but attendance seemed very good. I bought tickets super early so I was nice and close, but I do wonder how hard it was to see well for the people on the upper level closer to the back. But I couldn’t get a view up there, so I’m not super sure how many people were there anyway. Based on the amount of applause and laughs, it seemed like everyone had a good time.

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Let’s say ‘An abundance of caution’ being exercised. He is well, the cast are making sure he doesn’t get too full of himself or forget about them :wink:

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The venue was good, a bit of a difference than Keller yes, but a nice looking hall with some interesting history. I was in row 10 and from the ground it was quite a good spot. The show was well-attended but yeah not packed (by ticket sales or choice at event time due to Covid or…)
The audience had the typical reactions, which is another way of saying it was a mix of casual, hardcore, new, and ‘what the hell is this?’. You could tell what sort of humor hit by where you’d hear laughs from, and where the fans were by where the reactions came from to callbacks and asides, etc. A few folks even got the literary stuff! Back to em for a sec, callbacks to early eps were fun, though I think Hikeeba! was missed in audience laughter… alas.
This cast really played to their strengths, and I think some fans will be really surprised at what they can do as performers.
And yes ‘that song’ was written specifically for the ‘folks out front’ who also travel with the cast.
The meet and greet was a good time, you sense a bit more comfort and not being directly under dad’s watchful eye but being very open, gracious and absolutely conneting with a couple of the folks at the m/g, one young fan in particular. The fact is that they’ve now got more connection after the first tour and their filming stint, and it’s showing through in their writing, performance, and time with fans.