Post Season 13 Plans

My fellow MSTIES,

Once season 13 wraps what do you, the viewer, think will happen in the near term regarding the future of MST3K?

I’m greedy and I want more as soon as possible but do you think maybe 2023 will be an off year before season 14 gets underway?

Then have maybe a couple shorts and a big Turkey Day plus one of the sets of cast doing a tour during the year before work on Season 14 really begins?

Plus they could do some more in honor of episodes. There are plenty I’d like to watch along with the cast and see their 2023 reflections on certain past MST3K episodes.

This is kinda how I plotted it out, but what do you all of you think the near term future of MST3K and the Gizmoplex will be?


My dream scenario for Q4 2023 is twelve months of content- six episodes, five shorts (with the specials/tribute shows and one “game night” again) and then the vault picks switch to a 2month cycle. And either we get a live show stream from tape (replay online) or another live re-riff.


And I want the touring crew to go on a BIG like 60 city tour. Come to central Illinois PLEASE


I would also LOVE to see Season 14 launch right after the final scheduled Gizmoplex live events wrap up by early spring, but unless they’ve been doing a lot of work and keeping it all totally hush-hush, it seems like fall is the earliest likely kickoff for a new season. And if that’s the case, they’re going to need some kind of content to sustain subscriber interest in the interim. Tribute shows are good, but they shouldn’t be the only offering, in my opinion.

But I think the costume contest offered a potential avenue for some future shows to tide people over. I’d enjoy something like The ART Awards hosted by Crow and spotlighting fan-made art. Or The Great MSTIE Baking Show, with some kind of MST-themed baking competition. Or maybe offering some fan-riffed public domain shorts.


All awesome ideas! You’re right there has to be some content to keep people coming to the Gizmoplex. Those ideas for original shows are great too. They have to do something that gives the cast time off between seasons but also make that content to keep people interested. It will be a very exciting/scary time once we have The Christmas Dragon in the rearview.

I’m ready in any way if they decide further crowdfunding is needed to get Season 14 off of the ground. I’d like to be watching new MST3K for many many years to come.


MOD HAT: Just a gentle reminder that if anything was said during the Christmas Dragon preview about future plans, to not post them here. Let the production make any official announcements when they are ready.

We now return to your future speculations. :slight_smile:


Soooooo…does this mean something was said about future plans at the preview!!!

(I kid, I kid–that got my speculation brain firing, though…)


Oh man oh man! I wasn’t there but this sounds super promising!!!

What this does for me is makes The Christmas Dragon even more appointment viewing!! I cannot wait for December 16th!

Back to topic though, what kind of programming do you think could fill the time between Season 13 and a possible 14?

I will tune in for absolutely anything, but hopefully in the meantime we get more shorts! I’d especially like to see more with Josh and Mary at the helm!


I wasn’t there either. :slight_smile: But there was a panel for questions. Things may have been said or hinted at that the production wants to keep under wraps for the moment. Let’s not steal their thunder.


Something to keep in mind is that Christmas Dragon may be the last episode but it is not the last thing planned for the Gizmoplex. There will be four more events to premiere the remaining shorts funded through the KS in January and February.


Oh that’s wonderful! I had always assumed The Christmas Dragon was the end of the Kickstarter events. Never have I been happier to be wrong! I am so happy that there is some more content on the way beyond the season finale.

The Gizmoplex and this whole wonderful experience has been too amazing to put into words I am so grateful to the cast/crew and everyone who has put their heart and soul into this experience. It has beyond lived up to any expectations I personally had for it.

I also love how the Gizmoplex brings us all together for events like this and knowing there is more content to come is awesome!


Me, I was just gonna curl up and take a nap behind the concession stand. I won’t be in the way or anything, but I’m definitely not leaving.


I just hope they go back to physical sets. I miss the physical sets.


I love them as well, and am getting them from the KS for Season 13, so not sure if there is anything to “go back” too. I certainly hope they are available for Season 14 as well, when it finally happens. I don’t really see any impediment to that happening, given that they own the production now.


They used chromakeyed sets for this season, which I understand because of COVID. But hopefully they’ll go back to the old sets- bonus points if they’re made of junk like the original sets.


Doh, totally misread your post there.

I definitely agree. I get why they did the virtual sets, but I would like to see a return to the physical sets as well.


I really want season 14…and season 15…and season 16…etc.

I doubt that the Gizmoplex was built just for hosting one new season.

Given how well both Kickstarters did, crowdfunding is a solid option for funding more episodes. If they keep doing that, I will keep paying up!


Monthly content would be nice, if not a full season of new episodes then maybe three or four per year each of new full episodes, new shorts, old episode revisits and maybe a MST3K Presents show of stand-up/music/puppetry by current or new talent. It’d give the office rolling work to do but allow performers to drop in and out around other projects.


Join me down here in the Vault! There’s plenty of space and the nanites to keep us company. It does get a little damp, so bring some footie pajamas.


I would love to see them involve more of the older cast in practically anything like they did with Professor Bobo, Brain Guy, and Pearl in Cry Wilderness but with shorts or tribute to episodes like how Bill Corbett was involved with the Werewolf tribute. I’d consume content like that as excitedly as I do new episodes.

I think they should crowdfund every subsequent season. Look at the quality we have received from chipping into the production. Seasons 11, 12, and 13 were put together with such quality and love that I’d make no bones at all about chipping in more for the cause.

I also like the event feel of an MST3K Kickstarter and the phone athon at the end. That speaks to the effort and care Ivan has put into both Kickstarters as well.