Post Season 13 Plans

I just thought of another one: The Bot Shop, which could be a multi-episode series that gives you an overview of how each of the Bots is made. You could pepper in some clips from the show that display a particular feature of each Bot, and show pictures of unique kit-bashed Bots made by fans.


I don’t know how quickly we’ll get Season 14, but I do know that they’re highly motivated to keep up a subscriber base for the Gizmoplex, which is going to need more than classic episodes to justify the subscription price. I don’t know what that looks like, but I bet they do. Maybe a steady stream of shorts while we wait? More surgically enhanced screenings? Or maybe Season 14 is in the can right now and ready to broadcast.

I’m on tenterhooks! And I love getting to use that word!


Fills a garbage bag with concession stand popcorn



You know what? I say forget the show. Let’s just have the cast and crew come together to write really good Medicaid accounting software!


If they were to tour next year, what would that look like hypothetically? My only suggestion would be to film it at any given stop and post the show to the Gizmoplex as a special live event for those that life gets in the way and can’t make it. It would be rewatched by people who would go and wanna relive the experience as well and draw more subscriptions and eyeballs to the Plex for sure.

I so wish I had hard copies of a night of Argoman. The cast, crew, and crowd at the Keswick that night was on fire.


I would pay a lot of money for a live taping of No Retreat, No Surrender…


I’d love to see Making Contact in a future season. That would easily have been in the top half of S13 if it had been an episode.



I’d love a downloadable or DVD option for Making Contact the Live bubble tour! It was great to see it when they came to town, but I want to relive that!


Thirded on wanting another chance to see the riff on Making Contact!

Gosh, that was an amazing night!


Also, I call dibs on the Screening Bunker #2. Practically live there at this point! :slightly_smiling_face:


I would love more Cannon/Golan Globus stuff in a future season.


Let’s not forget we’ve still got a RiffTrax live event in the Gizmoplex at some point before the season pass runs out too, which was unlocked during the Kickstarter. Plenty still to come before a new season.


As someone who had tickets for Schenectady NY and was cancelled because of ice, I concur.

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I did in fact forget this. :heart_eyes:


Seconded on forgetting theses things! Seems like we may have content enough to reach Spring ‘23! That’s fantastic!


I’d love to see everyone maybe take a year off with a few events in between. For season 14 specifically, I don’t think I really have any expectations, except maybe that it would be nice to see the episodes split between Emily, Jonah, and Joel again.


AMEN, AMEN, AMEN. We are of the same mind. Please return to physical sets. If it’s at all possible.


What am I expecting?

I’m not expecting any kind of announcement for a Season 14 in the immediate future. Not to be a killjoy, but the big question mark in my mind has been, how many people have bought in to watch the new season and the live events compared to how many people got their passes by backing the Kickstarter? What kind of revenue is this project getting? Is it a good sign that they’re getting Penn Jillette to do promo spots? Like, do they have enough money that they feel like they can spend some on some voiceovers? Or was he working pro bono?

I’d be very happy to learn that they’re doing well enough to announce some kind of plans for another season, but I’m guessing the best we’d get in the near term is just an assurance that there will be more episodes, how many they plan to make, when they plan to begin writing, etc.

What am I expecting for the Gizmoplex? Well, the plan was to give people the feeling of going to a little indie theater that’s always serving up odd obscure movies. And now that they’ve had a taste of running their own virtual theater for a year, I think it’s going to be time to assess how that’s worked out for them and whether they’re going to change the model for the next year.

We already know that ads are coming on the back catalogue. And I found an exchange in the YouTube comments for the 2D trailer for The Mask. One commenter asks when the show will be streamed for free, and a reply from a user named ivanaskwith4928:

“It’s 4.99 to see an episode, and if you wait till next year, it’ll be available for free with ads.”

Assuming this is Real Ivan and not one of those cheap imitations, this is the first I’ve heard of plans add Season 13 to free streaming, and it would suggest that the ultimate goal is to have the whole show available on demand with ads, probably including Seasons 11 and 12 once Netflix finally releases their grip on them.

If that’s the case, will there be another Member Pass? Would we continue to see Synthia’s Selects and live events? I would hope so, but it’s going to depend on whether the crew still wants to do them and if it’s worth the payoff. A stickier question - would viewers have the same enthusiasm for a Member Pass if there aren’t any announcements for Season 14 to air in the near future?

If the Member Pass returns, I would guess that it’ll mean ad-free streaming, which might be enough to get some people to spring for it. And I can’t help thinking that someone, somewhere is cooking up plans to incorporate Surgically Enhanced ™ episodes as an incentive for… something? A benefit for Member Passes? An upgrade for people who rent/purchase rather than stream for free?

I remember that part of the pitch for Season 12 was that, by doing shorter seasons, they could produce and release them more quickly. I seem to remember reading somewhere that Joel wanted to aim for 8 episodes a year as being reasonable and do-able, and y’know? Just blue skying here, but I would not mind a world where we saw a handful of new MST3Ks every year, and it was more of a steady stream and less these sort of bursts of feast and famine.

As far as physical vs. green screen sets? I’m in favor of whatever option keeps the show going. I’ve noted before, one very cool thing about going green-screen was that it let the show return to the Joel-era Satellite of Love without having to build a whole set for it. The Moon One base has kind of grown on me, I kind of dig the whole idea that they’ve got a rotating base of operations so you’ve always got a view of what’s happening out on the moon’s surface.

I dunno. If they were hinting at anything at the finale gathering, then maybe we won’t have to wait too long to hear something concrete. I feel like I’ve been pretty pessimistic in this post, but I’d love to be pleasantly surprised. We’ll see.


You have to put together a writers’ room and maintain a lot of infrastructure whether you do one episode or 20, so I think there’s a minimum number they’d have to commit to for it to be worthwhile. Three episodes was the minimum target for the Kickstarter, so I assume that’s the minimum they’d do for any batch.


I’d actually love to crowdfund another season, if that’s what they need, because the Kickstarter campaign really got us all hyped for the new season and felt very exciting, and the way they kept us updated with how production was going and stuff kept that excitement going right through to the s13 premiere. Just kinda made it more special and I liked feeling directly involved with the show :yum:

Now, I would dearly love for 2023 to be a tour year (and I do believe we are about due for it?). It would also be great if a recording of the live show was available on the Gizmoplex, maybe as part of the Member Pass? I’m not sure there’s really a chance of seeing previous shows put up, because as I’ve understood it the reason they don’t record them has to do with the specific rights they get to whatever movie they use for the show? So it doesn’t seem likely that if they recorded them, they’d be able to retroactively change the contract to allow them to use that footage on the Gizmoplex? But I’m not into copyright law, I could be wrong. I hope I’m wrong, because every show I’ve been to has made me laugh til my sides hurt and I wish I could see them again