Posts not showing as read

So since last night when the forum was in read-only mode, posts are not marking themselves as read, or at least they aren’t clearing as quickly as before. Did some sort of setting get changed, and can we change it back?


I also noticed that images aren’t showing as well as YouTube preview images being blank…

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I’m not seeing either of these issues right now, though I’ve seen them in the past. I’m using desktop Chrome. My most recent issue was the inability to upload images, which was fixed by updating the browser, which is outrageous – installing a new version of my browser to get a site to function properly should be something that happens once a decade, if that, not every few weeks.

Just curious, are you guys using mobile devices or desktop browsers?

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It was happening for about 30 minutes earlier this morning but appears to have cleared up.

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It happened to me as well earlier this morning, but it went away just as quickly.

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It does appear to be fixed/corrected/adjusted/someone fed the gremlin (before midnight., whew!)


Everything is working now. Glitch in the matrix I guess