Premier League '22-'23 Season

Looks like Liverpool finally woke up, two weeks late, and are making up for lost time!


Just saw their 4th goal, so I’d say so! Poor Bournemouth. Their fixture schedule to open this season has been brutal!


You could always just watch the first half of the City game lol. That Haaland is an absolute monster though and with him they might finally win the Champions’ League.

Speaking of which, Rangers were drawn in the same CL group as Liverpool, Ajax and Napoli. Tough draw and getting third will be a real challenge. It’s the kind of group where teams could all take points of off of each other though so you never know. Hopefully the Liverpool team that lost to Man U last week turns up and not the one that played Bournemouth yesterday lol.

Bournemouth have had about as difficult a start as they possibly could have so it’s maybe a little early to judge but it seems like they’ll have a tough time staying up. Still, they did win their first game so they need to draw belief from that.


Wooo, that is a killer CL group! But major tournaments have a way of producing major surprises…a team from our third division got to the semifinals and a team from our second division is in the final of our US Open Cup. Best of luck to Rangers!

Haaland is great when he gets to play his game, as with most strikers. Maybe teams will be able to target and adjust to him and throw him off. Man City is also giving up way more goals than they usually do…and that World Cup break may cause absolute havoc. We’ll see!!

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I’ve been swimming in work and personal stuff lately, so I’ve been catching up on EPL match by match…

  • Where has THIS Manchester United been hiding?

  • Brentford continues to punch above their weight class.

  • Leicester, Leicester, what has happened to you? Is Rodgers on the way out?

  • And my Brighton is just slaying it!

But the big news is the sacking of Thomas Tuchel by Chelsea after a Champions League loss on top of a stumbling league start. Rumor has it Tuchel and the new Chelsea owner did NOT get along and that contributed.

So who’s next? Graham Potter’s name is getting bandied about, but I hope he’d have the sense to stay away from the dumpster fire Chelsea keeps threatening to become. Pochettino is the name that keeps popping up, but will he take it? It’s wild!

And I’ll say it now…Tuchel to Bournemouth!! :joy::joy::joy:


So, it’s quiet with the World Cup going on right now…EPL players making a splash, especially those from Manchester United.

EPL is back on Boxing Day, followed very closely by the January transfer window. Should be entertaining!

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Premier League is back and we’re in the thick of the Festive Fixtures season!

I’m a bundle of nerves today; my Brighton is going up agains Arsenal this afternoon…it’s a huge test. If we hold our own against the league leaders, then this could be a SEASON for us.

Less said about Leicester the better. Ugh.

And seeing all the Pele tributes…:smiling_face_with_tear:

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Pele’s passing was definitely a tough end to the year.

A positive end to 2022 is an Arsenal win. A positive start to 2023 is a Tottenham Hotspur loss.

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Okay. Fine.

Arsenal may just be the real deal!

And as one firmly in the the “Anyone But Man City or Chelsea” camp, I’m okay with that!

(Now, if Brighton could sneak into a European place, that would be GRAND!)

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So irritated. Yet again, another Brighton player is agitating publicly for a move to a bigger club during the transfer window.

Not because Brighton is a bad place to be, but because they want a “big club.”

So tired of that attitude. Why be a faint star in a constellation when you can be the sun in the sky?

(I know, I know. :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:)

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If Salah can’t find his groove at Liverpool and Chelsea spend the rest of the season trying to figure out the best combo of their rebuilt team, Brighton might have a chance to maintain top 5 or 6. They just need to keep Fulham from creeping closer.


Sean Dyche taking over at Everton!

Its Happening Ron Paul GIF


Settling in for transfer deadline day like:

GIF by Giphy QA

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Holy fracadoodles!


I am so chuffed for them right now. Really.

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Thumbnail: Manchester City is being officially charged/accused with multiple breaches of the financial fair play laws established in the Premier League, rules meant to keep the super-rich clubs/owners from gaining unfair advantages. An independent commission will now investigate. There is a non-zero chance City may be suspended and relegated from the Premier League. They could also be banned from European competition, be docked points, or face fines in the hundreds of millions.


I just got home from a race, so I am avoiding all social media and updates to not get spoiled on the Brighton / Crystal Palace derby.

Replay should be up in the next 30-45min. I am on tenterhooks!!

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Big mid-week clash…Arsenal and Man City. Man City could draw level with a win. Time to see if Arsenal’s recent form is just a blip or the start of a slide.

And Erling Haaland was in my dream last night - he was filling in as receptionist at my office - so I’m going to take that as an omen.


I’m hoping Arsenal hold on for a win, but at least a tie, just to keep ahead of City.

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Well that was certainly an unexpected Liverpool result against Man U.