Prequels - Good, bad, Indifferent

Some prequels are prequels and sequels, and those are fine to throw in here.

The problem with many prequels is you know where they’re going, so, no surprises when they are shackled by whatever is supposed to come later. But a few manage the trick of keeping it fresh and fun.

Some of my favorites…

Prey - Outmatched by a foe with superior technology, that’s nothing new for the Predator flicks, still, Prey might be my favorite of the franchise because I like the young female character - her arc of development, her fight for respect, and how she uses her wits against this hunter.

X-Men First Class - Here we see how friends become foes, how a villain is born, though it’s not that cut and dried. Michael Fassbender is so amazing as Magneto.

One of the weakest…

I know Underworld isn’t considered A-level material, but I enjoyed them, and thought Kate Beckinsale was so cool and badass. The first was the best (theatrical cut, the extended edition, which seems to have become the go-to version, is not as hot IMHO). Anyhoo, so they did a prequel, Rise of the Lycans, and even as a fan of the franchise, I didn’t care it. Didn’t see the need, as much of it was implied or shown outright in the other movies.

So that’s just a few, how about you. What do you think of prequels, which ones did you like… or, not.


Agree the first two of the First Class movies were really good. They managed to cover some new ground and told an interesting story.

If we’re including TV shows, Strange New Worlds is really hitting it out of the park. Again familiar characters, but telling good stories and they admit from the start what Pike’s future holds and own it.


My religion forbids me from enjoying prequels. :person_shrugging:


Are we counting television prequels? I can’t think of any movies off the top of my head but I have two TV shows to mention:

Liked: Smallville. Even if half the cast later turned out to be nutsoid.

Disliked: Fear the Walking Dead. My main complaint with FTWD is that instead of starting well before the outbreak and leading up to it, as far as I could tell, FTWD starts roughly half an hour before TWD did. If they ran out of ideas and all they had left was “what if we did The Walking Dead again but with different characters”, just say that! Call it, I dunno, The Walking Dead: Las Vegas or something. CSI that sh!t, but don’t give me the same damn show and pretend it’s something different.


Liked, but: 1883 is intended as a prequel to Yellowstone, but I think it works better as a TV adaptation of that bleak, old computer video game The Oregon Trail. :thinking: But either way, the oddest thing about it is the anachronism of the daughter main character (to even try to google is to major-spoil), who has such modern-day attitudes and behaviors that at times you might wonder if anyone else can even see her. Or maybe they were going for isekai anime fans, or just trying very hard to appeal to the teen audience.

Liked a lot: Caprica, the prequel to the 2004 Battlestar Galactica series, set dozens of years prior. You got some virtual reality, some robots, some political intrigue, some family drama, and action, too.


The only prequel of a film or TV show I can think of that I have truly enjoyed significantly has been Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.


Having just re-started Twin Peaks, the prequel that comes to mind is Fire Walk with Me.
The feature version is the raw, unvarnished story of the last days of Laura Palmer. That’s a little hard for me to take, but there’s a fan edit that adds back in all the filmed-and-then-discarded leavening (later released as The Missing Pieces) with the other Twin Peaks characters. That’s a lot easier to handle and I like it better.


I don’t watch a lot of TV these days, but yeah, TV is fine to include. I did watch Smallville, and have enjoyed Strange New Worlds.

I’m not sure how to categorize re-dos, Superhero flicks do a lot of re-dos or reboots or retellings of origin stories. The various, Spider-Men, and those ‘Batman’s at the beginning’ movies (I did like the most recent “The Batman”)

One in the middle, one that splits viewers?

Cruella - the other Disney villain prequel didn’t impress me at all (Maleficent) so I didn’t go into this with high hopes, but it wasn’t bad, mostly because Emma Stone knocks it out of the park. Plus, the hair and costuming were aces (even Beez was impressed by that aspect)


Rogue One was the prequel to A New Hope that nobody asked for, but it was actually pretty great.

Andor was the prequel to Rogue One that nobody asked for, but it’s the best Star Wars they’ve made in the past decade.


I have to agree about Rogue One and Andor. I realize that others don’t care for the former, but Edwards deliberately set it up in the vein of a WWII movie (notably The Dirty Dozen) as opposed to a space opera (the “Skywalker Saga”) or a space western (Solo, The Mandalorian). There are a lot of characters introduced, there’s not a lot of time to flesh them out, and they are all dead to by the end — even Tarkin (it’s amazing what another couple of years have done for deep fakes…). No sequels for them! Plus we finally saw exactly why Darth Vader had become so feared by the nascent Rebellion.

Andor similarly eshews most space opera elements for slow burning espionage and drama despite being a prequel to a prequel.


Movies prequels? Hmm.

Pearl, the prequel to Ti West’s X, is quite a different feel of horror film to the first. X is good, a decent/typical slasher horror film. (Not my favorite genre, tbh.) But Pearl is a better film. Much of that may be because its story focuses on a single character. And while Mia Goth is quite good in the ensemble in X, she’s even better in Pearl. (FYI: The sequel to X likely will release later this year.)

Side note: These are rated “R” films (“18” in the UK*), same as the Evil Dead and Scream horror films. That’s all I should need to say here. (*actually, “15” in the UK for Pearl.)

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I watched the extra FWWM footage on the disc but have been meaning to check out a fan edit for years.

Going back to television, Star Wars: Rebels was a lot of fun.


I liked the first couple of seasons of Smallville (when I had a TV to watch them on) and I liked the first couple of seasons of Enterprise (when I had a TV to watch them on). I know that they both had strange things happen in the later seasons, but I didn’t see those. I think that Enterprise in particular did pretty well in dealing with all pieces that would have to be in place later. They were a little too on the nose at times (I still remember Captain Archer talking about dealing with beings on other planets and saying something along the lines of “Whatever that DIRECTIVE will be…”) but in general, I thought they did a good job with it.

Beyond those two? Yeah, I’m not a fan of prequels. Most are indifferent at best.

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The Thing (2011) despite having the same name as the previous movie, it was a prequel to the John Carpenter/Kurt Russel reboot of The Thing From Another World, and was really good, telling the story of the events that happened leading up to the reboot. In fact, the last scene of the prequel flows directly into the first scene of reboot.

All three movies are actually very good. The original The Thing From Another World is a classic 1951 B&W sci-fi horror flick that outgrossed all other sci-fi flicks that were released that year, including both The Day the Earth Stood Still and When Worlds Collide. While The Thing (1982) is one of my favorite John Carpenter movies, both were beloved movies for me, and I was very leery of the prequel going it. I was surprised, and enjoyed it quite a bit, although I think I still like the other two movies more. It works great if you watch it just before watching the John Carpenter version.


Rogue One is a great example of finding the right amount of space for a prequel story and easing an audience into it even though they go in knowing the eventual outcome. Also, doesn’t rely on lightsabers everywhere. It was just painful seeing how sending email attachments happened a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

I don’t have the spoons to suggest Red Dragon is a sequel-that-is-a-prequel worth its salt, but some friends assure me that it is.

Isn’t Temple of Doom a prequel? In that it takes place chronologically before Raiders? Although those first three movies don’t rely heavily upon one another and can be consumed standalone. So maybe they don’t count here.

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Red Dragon isn’t so much a prequel as it is a remake of Manhunter, which is an adaptation of the novel Red Dragon. Red Dragon was published before Silence of the Lambs, and was made into a movie before SotL as well.

I’m not gonna say that Brett Ratner is a better director than Michael Mann, but I definitely prefer Red Dragon to Manhunter.

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I’ve started watching a docuseries about the Amityville Horror phenomenon and the next episode is going to cover the original Defao murders. Amityville 2, the prequel, never did much for me so it might be interesting to see the story delved into if it’s more engaging as a docu with a little more respect for the real people involved.

I was looking at articles for the worst prequels and most of them I haven’t seen, skipped 'em outright, a couple I thought weren’t half bad, a few, yeah, stinkers (I mentioned the Underworld Lycans thing)

But for a good one, anyone else enjoyed Monsters University?

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I’d forgotten about that one! Yes! That was a fun prequel.

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