Preschool Show Characters That Could Survive An Apocalypse

So recently I have been reintroducing myself to the Pibby short that Adult Swim did around Halloween (and recently reminded everyone about on their April Fools special). Got me thinking: were they real, what preschool show characters do you think could survive through an apocalypse (zombie, robot, whatever).

I’ll get an obvious one out of the way first: Oscar the Grouch.
-Has a durable shelter in his TARDIS like trash can
-Filth is golden for him
-Just looking at him you can tell he’s seen some crap, both figuratively and literally.
-Can easily be a loner.

So who are your choices?

Note: The Telletubbies are a RESULT of an apocalypse so they don’t count.


Don’t get him out of the way. Oscar has a pool in that can. Run over to his place and dive in before the bombs hit!

The Count is already undead. So, obvi.

Shadow from Bear In The Big Blue House can hide from all dangers. The Moon from that show would survive, too, being all up there above everything and all… unless the apocalypse is Herculoids in nature.


Barney The Dinosaur.

He survived untold millions of years, multiple apocalypses… he will rule this dead world before he finally passes to the shadow realm.


Bubble Guppies have their own undersea kingdom to shield them from the apocalypse.

Clifford the Big Red Dog is ideal for dealing with post-apocalyptic kaiju.


Thomas the Tankster Dankster survived, but sadly, the radioactive reboot goo turned him and his friends younger, annoying, and cartoon logic-y, so I pretty much disowned him now. Except for Gordon, and James. They got away from the reboot goo that mutated every preschool characters pretty quickly.


Thats a pool that Oscar enjoys though.

We sure that’s safer than the fallout?


I firmly believe that after a full out nuclear destruction of Europe that the irradiated remnants of the British Isles will be locked in a never-ending power struggle between Mr. Blobby and Zippy from Rainbow.

youre next GIF


Pretty sure that at least these two, if not the whole gang would make it.

Cartoon Motorcycle GIF by Scooby-Doo


My money is on The Grimace.


I’m sure Vendetta and Hamster would initially survive, and find that Charlotte also somehow made it and they are the last living things on earth to Vendetta’s dismay…


Jim Henson’s Thunderdome Babies?


Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop.

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Pocoyo could probably survive. He already lives in an endless blank void.

And La Linea survives everything thrown at him. It makes him angry, but he’s definitely a survivor.

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I’m stunned no one said this already. Mr. Rogers.

There’s a theory that The Teletubbies are the literal Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, so I wouldn’t be remotely surprised to find they survived.

EDIT: Apologies, missed the note banning them from this discussion.

And Barney is a (presumably very old) dinosaur, so you could argue that he already has survived an apocalypse :man_shrugging:


lol, Barney also got mentioned early on in the thread.

I’m not really aware of their provenance, but isn’t “Fraggle Rock” some sort of post-apocalyptic/Lovecraftian buried city full of misshapen monsters?


You can’t convince me that in HR Pufnstuf, Jimmy is not the last survivor of the human race after the apocalypse.


Not even if someone dug up the opening song where it explains the whole thing and it doesn’t mention apocalyspes at all?


Nope, that song is just propaganda from the mayor’s office. Need I note that HR Pufinstuf himself is, in fact, the mayor?

I rest my case, good sir.

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“Living Island” propaganda.

I just said that!

(lol, I would’ve beaten you to the punch but I had to look up “Living Island”. How Dr. Moreau is that?)