Previews & Trailers & Sneak Peeks, Oh My!

Why didn’t I think of this?

“If you come with me, you’ll know everything, I promise.”

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For awhile, everything was vampires.

Then everything was superheroes.

Are we entering an era of kaiju?

If so, I am THERE for it.


Still waiting for the “everything is Richard Kind” era.

This is getting a bit silly. Trailers FOR trailers?

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Four more days till aquaman aquaman aquaman four more days till aquaman SIL-VER SHAMROCK!

So Wes Anderson has adapted a Roald Dahl story.


Well, that didn’t count. Here’s the REAL trailer!

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Oh, this looks ridiculously silly. I’ll give it a shot when it hits a streamer.

Well, my days of not watching DC movies have certainly come to a middle.


The older I get, the less patience I have with ‘You were born to rule!’ story lines.

No one has a right to rule by birth, that’s just silly. (Yes, I am looking at YOU, Charles and William and all of you dorks)

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The whole Chosen One/prophecy trope was never good storytelling. It just tries to add unearned gravitas to the hero’s journey. The only time I’ve seen it well done is in Buffy and the Matrix, both of which cast it as a tool of oppression.


“Chosen ones” and “prophecies” are two concepts I absolutely banish from my own writing.

If a protagonist isn’t in charge of their own fate then they are a puppet, not a protagonist. In that case I want to see a story about the puppet master.


Our Flag Means Death Season 2
Resumes October 5, on “max”.

Haven’t seen it? Season One trailer first:

Season 2 trailer (May spoil some season one):

I’m partway through season 1. Pretty funny so far.

Season 2 of Quantum Leap

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How do you turn off motion smoothing on YouTube?

Season two of Surreal Estate is coming in October

“I don’t know… if I can save your life this time.”