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Is the plot about fresh ideas for future Disney films?

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Don’t let the cat out of the bag.

Put on King Ralph to see what the logical end of that could be — plus the unlikely pairing of Peter O’Toole, John Hurt, and John Goodman.

Come to think of it, my mother has insisted that our family tree has a link to the Swedish royal family…

I’m supposedly descended from a famous Irish king.

It’s meaningless.

There will be more than just two turtle…doves.

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Man. If there’s anything I hate worse than killing a woman to motivate your ‘hero’, it’s killing a kid.

Hard pass.

“That’s what the kids are calling him. I think it’s swell.”


Not gonna lie, that carousel scene in Face/Off was rather unsettling. Not the first time for Woo.

It’s a tired plot device in other movies as well. This movie is no Alias. You’ve done better, Bristow.

jennifer garner GIF by Peppermint

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Huh. They got the entire movie cast back to do voices.


They claim the film cast remained close and were happy to do this.

I never saw the movie but will be watching the series. (Nothing against humans, but a live-action film was never going to look right. — Yeah, I read the B&W “graphic novels” first.) Will I love it? I hope so, though it’s been over 20 years for me, and nearly 15 years since the movie for the actors.

The movie was probably as good as could have been done in a single film. But they left a lot of stuff out… the story needed more time.

It is, though, one of the most visually arresting and best edited film of the era. Wright is so good at using editing as a gag or actually making it visible to the audience more engaging.

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Apparently Michael Cera’s responding out of the blue to a 9-year-old email had a lot to do with them getting the band back together.


“The world is on fire. If you want to save millions of lives, we can use some help.”


runs around in circles

“God be praised!”


I loved the reboot trilogy and I do hope that this one is as good…

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I will basically watch anything Ryan Gosling is in at this point.