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Please don’t do this

Atlantis 2? Not getting the reference.

This movie didn’t need a sequel. The first one was perfect. Different, fun, and wasn’t afraid to poke fun at itself (or the Disney Princess machine). I just can’t see where the story is supposed to go now.

Oh, you don’t know?



I saw Atlantis. It’s was okay. Not great, but okay. That there was a potential sequel never even pinged my radar.

The hook for the sequel was in the premise for the original — seafaring Polynesian tribes. You didn’t think there was just the one, did you? Somebody built Moana’s catamaran before it was stored in the cave waiting for someone to find it, and it didn’t necessarily have to have been by an ancestral tribe member that rode in on it.

Yes but the characters aren’t new. It’s still Moana, Maui, He-he, etc. One of the scenes shows Moana’s parents holding a baby and looking like they have grey in their hair. Granted this is a “teaser” so there isn’t much info, but nothing I saw indicated this was supposed to be a different tribe or something happening in the past.

“God, what a bunch of losers.”

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I never said anything about the movie taking place in the past, merely pointing out that the original premise wasn’t a closed setting. The hooks for another adventure are already there. “Where did we come from?” “Are there other tribes like ours out there?” “What lies beyond the sea?”

If the writers are smart, at some point they’ll have Maui answer, “You didn’t ask.” Demigods ought to know these things, but they’re typically not required to impart the information.

Either I somehow missed a season, or they’ve jumped around a bit from last season to this one?

Ooo, a movie that posits “What if a Patrick Bateman fought a Jason Vorhees”

I mean, the actual fight would be short because Bateman is kind of a loser-monster but still, I do want to see this.

“Only one way to find out!”

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There better be an unhinged Breyer horse figure out of this one.

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New trailer for new Alien dropped. Not posting here because F-bombs but check it out. Looks good.

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But they’re Cockney f-bombs, so it’s like us saying “the”.


OK, I admit I only know that one song, but this looks CRAZY good.

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“Finally got the name right… sister.”