Prop/Set Dressing Build - Movie Sign Console 2

Have the two main parts sussed out, the irrigation tubing I’ll get as I work on Crow and GPC. Now just to work out if I want a modern electrical rig or go with matching the original light/control box.

Last will be the paint job, uncertain if going with the first look (a mess of color) or the quick repaint or the smoothed repaint. :slight_smile: I have the full run of the Testors color for it, and will make all five caps as well.


That’s great! What is it made from exactly? It that Some sort of air filter? I’d always heard it was made from an old Apple printer, but I’ve never investigated it too much.

Can’t wait to see it finished !

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An old App— no. No no no. Sheesh. :wink:

Pollenex 99 Air Filter, Model 799. Up to the builder on rebuilding the base with foamcore, or using the unit but smartly cutting it down. You’ll see where to cut on the main unit, but it’s tricky.
Caps are from Wisk 64 oz detergent bottle. 5 caps needed to match all the look combinations from Joel’s era. (Look carefully at screengrabs, you can see the ridges) There is an overhang on the left and right of the console. Caps were replaced over the years as it took some wear. Contact with the prop wore the paint off off the caps.

Decorative tubing is the same irrigation tubing as Crow, GPC, Killbot, etc etc.
Colors are all of the metallics used on the bots (will go with the aka naming- lime gold, ruby red, sapphire blue, pearl purple, jade green) and two repaints, first not so thorough, second created a cleaner base, white in both instances.

Electrical run into lower right as you face the unit to run to the control box and power, down and off-screen.


Where do the pellets come out?

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Awesome! The movie sign is one of my favorite props. I’ve been working on one too and I actually have a question about the construction. The drainage tubing specifically. I found two bits of tubing where the ribs on the tubes have a different profile. One is more squared off while the other is rounder. Do you know what’s correct? It’s been driving me crazy haha.

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I wish I could get one that I could hook up to my Amazon Echo device; I’d love to be able to say “Alexa, we’ve got movie sign!” and have it turn on. I know it’s possible; someone did it and posted a video of it somewhere.