Proud Parent

While my 9 year old daughter has been largely disinterested the odd times I have had MST3K on, we went shopping the other day and hit up Sunrise Records. (Canadian chain that took over most HMV locations when they pulled out of Canada a few years back.)

My wife and kid had arrived a bit before me so they were almost done when I got there. After a quick look around I joined them near the front of the store, where Criterion and other special collections are found.

My daughter spun around and right in front of her were the Gamera boxsets. On her own, out of nowhere, she starts singing…
Gamera is really neat, Gamera is made of meat, we’ve been eating Gamera…

So proud of her. :slight_smile:


My daughter is also not very interested in MST3K but she likes industrial shorts unriffed. I showed her A Case of Spring Fever (unriffed) and she loved it and then showed her the sketch with Mikey and Mike’s Socksey and now she goes around saying, “NOOOOOOOO Mike’s Socks!”


My Boy goes with us to see the live Rifftrax events but my kids are not super into MST3K, either.

However, the youngest girls learned both “Every Country Has A Monster” and “A Stranger’s UFO”, so nice work Paul & Storm!