Pumamin..man event info

So for those who have not seen it yet, the description for the Pumaman event is up on the Gizmoplex site. In addition to the HD rework, they mention that there will be an interview with Pumaman himself from the DVD release. And with a new short of course.

Looking forward to that. Hoping for some additional insights from the crew as well.

And now we will learn from where babies come from. :thinking:


“My name is Pleasance, and I am funky (in HD!)”


I lovelovelove the live interviews afterwards and watching a DVD interview just doesn’t have the same impact as people live, BUT… Our beloved MST3K staff folks deserve some time off, so more power to them for taking that time for themselves! I hope it’s restorative and relaxing! :heart:


I was supposed to bring an appetizer wasn’t I?


Yeah I think I can forego this, in all honesty. Save the money for the new episode

Is there going to be a live stream chat?