Purchased items

Not the most pressing thing in light of launching the Gixmoplex, but I would love to see my purchases categorized by Season, the same way the rentals are organized. But I love that fact that MST3k has a home regardless.


On many devices you can watch episodes you own from the items listed by season. Just click through to the video and you can watch it despite it having the buy/rent buttons.

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This is my biggest pet peeve - I really would like if the purchase/rent would not show up for the items I already own when I search, or have to sort through the various packages to find the movies that way.


That should be an easy fix, I’m sure their small team is fully focused on this live stream tonight, and from there the edges will be smoothed out.

Honestly I’m surprised that it’s as smooth and responsive as it is now. Not that I doubt their abilities, I just know building something from the ground up is a TON of work. And they have already thought of a lot of neat experiences


YES! This is my biggest improvement wish for the app. I’m hoping this is something that is already on the plans to implement.

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From what they said during the premier, this is an issue with VHX and they can’t do anything about it. The Gizmoplex will have a better interface in the form of the virtual theater.