Question about the hosts,past and present.

Oh, you’re the other fan. I wondered if we’d ever meet.

It’s a great pop song, aside from the slight stumble of see/sea. :+1:

I’d be shocked if something off Shifting Skin hadn’t made it into a game or two by now.

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What do you mean he wasn’t around for Joel? He was a writer or head writer on the show since the 2nd or 3rd season.


Joel wasn’t around when Mike was hosting as well as writing, and would therefore have been a good candidate for a partnership stake.

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Ohhh you were talking about Joel not being around. Apologies. I thought you were saying Mike wasn’t around. My bad.

He was a writer on the first season, became head writer during season two.

I mean, if Joel wasn’t actually going to bat for Josh Weinstein to get him the share he deserved in Best Brains for being a co-creator, he sure wasn’t going to hypothetically discuss expanding the partnership stake for Mike or anyone else who came onboard at any point.

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