Question about the jack box event ticket

So back when the first Jackbox stream happened it was so good I remember there being an option to buy a ticket for another one down the line. It was an add on for $5. So is the 27th stream that or will there be another one? I am not upset or anything just curious.

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@Lesley @ivan @timryder I don’t remember the ticket thing during the Kickstarter. Any insight on what this ticket will be used for.

@Jittykitty5122 the backer update sent today stated that the Crow vs Servo JackBox event was free for everyone, no ticket required.


Additional question: can we get the general info for this event up here? I know it’s the 27th, but I didn’t have a chance to grab the url and I can’t remember the time!

The Kickstarter update’s got you covered here!

And the event link can be found here:


This one was a reorganised event from a different livestream, i believe, so not that one

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@Jittykitty5122 This is different than the Jackbox Rematch, which will be between the same teams that participated during the original Kickstarter Jackbox Showdown – Team Jonah vs. Team Emily.

When that one happens, it will not be free, and will require the special $5 ticket from the Kickstarter to attend. That ticket will also enter anyone who has it in a drawing to win their OWN Jackbox Showdown with the cast of their choice: Team Jonah, Team Emily or Team Joel.


Ok, thank you for clarifying that for me ^^. That makes more sense.

It was probably mentioned before, but I only JUST realized that Bill Corbett will be joining Team Crow for this event!!! OH WOW-E we can all turn up the speakers and roll around in a comforting pillowy pile of Tom and Crow voices all night! For the charmingly smarmy ASMR listener.

This kinda makes me crave a weekly spoof political debate cast of all the bots, getting into heated discussions talking over one-another about the most asinine topics. Hm, what would that show be called…?


I’ll ask this here just so I’m absolutely sure: This is going to start at 8:00 PM Central?

Is this going to be available to view at a later time like the “normal” livestream events are?

I know that if I don’t watch it truly live I lose out on the ability to vote for a winner, but I’m not real sure what tomorrow night looks like for me yet.

From the official announcement: (I’m in Denver so adjust the time zone accordingly)

SPECIAL: Mega-Monster Jackbox Showdown!

Scheduled for Wednesday, July 27, 2022 7:00 PM MDT

Join us live for the first GIZMOPLEX JACKBOX SHOWDOWN, as we honor MST3K’s Mega Monsters with a kaiju-sized battle between the robot titans of TEAM CROW (Corbett, Yount, & Brady) vs. TEAM SERVO (Vaughn, McGiffin, Ryder). Who will win? YOUR votes will decide!

So yes, it would be 8:00pm Central time


Since the event lives in our Gizmoplex Pass my assumption is that it will stay there the way other live streams do, but I haven’t heard anything official one way or the other.


Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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Confirmation that it is now tomorrow and the event is available as a rewatch.

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