Question for everyone: What was your first 3D Film you've ever seen?

Question for everyone: What was your first 3D Film you’ve ever seen? LIke either on TV or in Cinema

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on tv:

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It Came From Outer Space

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The first I ever saw was the first and second Toy Story before the 3rd came out.

The first that I can remember was Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone. I was kicked out of the house and I saw it with my grandmother.

She wanted to leave halfway through the film. :smile:

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If we’re counting theme park attractions, I think it was probably either A Bug’s Life or Muppets 3D at Disneyworld. Although I may be forgetting an earlier experience. In theaters, I think it might have been The Dark Knight in 3D IMAX. I remember being annoyed that there were only brief segments in 3D. If you kept your glasses on, the movie was blurry. But if you had them off during a 3D segment, you got double vision. And it was only for the major action sequences. So you had to watch for the change, get pulled out of the movie just as things were heating up, fumble to put your glasses on straight, hope you didn’t miss anything important, and then fumble your glasses out of the way when things got blurry. And the 3D sequences were post-production CG, and the technology for that wasn’t great. It just wasn’t worth it.

We upgraded our TV from bulky CRT to flat screen during that brief phase where they thought they could make at-home 3D work. We had a couple of pairs of battery-powered glasses with polarized shutters. They gave a lot of people headaches, but I could use them. It came with a DVD of Avatar that I never watched, but I did get Avengers in 3D DVD. That was kind of neat.

But, being gen X, I basically missed out on 3D movies as a kid. The boomers had gotten tired of the fad, and the polarized lens tech hadn’t come in yet to start a new fad.

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I was about to say tonight was my first, but the post above reminded me that I saw Captain EO at EPCOT in 1990.

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Mine, too, I’m pretty sure.


Pretty sure mine was Jaws 3D in the theater.

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Well, that bites.

I saw the original Creature from the Black Lagoon in 3D on TV back in the '70s. The local station paid to have 3D glasses inserted in the newspaper so everyone could see the glorious B&W special effects jump right out at them from the screen.


That oddly sounds familiar. Not sure if I saw any 3D in the 70’s but that almost jars a distant memory of circulated 3d glasses but thinking it wasnt the newspaper for me, maybe a fast food chain… the mind digs deeper now…

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