Question regarding Passes.

I have been talking to friends about the Gizmoplex. As you are want to do. And I have mentioned the prices and told them where to look for those prices and all that. But I do not have the answer to one question. Basically if one gets the Summer Pass or any trial pass and they later decide they like what they see and they want to upgrade to the Season Pass, will they get the initial cost of the Trial reduced from the total cost of the Season? I have to assume that they do, but I can’t seem to confirm that.

Basically, is there an upgrade path for new members who want to check it out but then want to get the whole hog? And if so, is there a limit on this.

Any confirmation, either way, would be helpful, or a link to where this has been already answered and my search-fu failed.

Just trying to give people all the best information.
Call me a broker of sorts.


I found this article that specifically is regarding people who would like to extend the 3, 6 or 9 month pass they received as a Kickstarter reward.

While I’ve not seen info about a similar deal for buyers of the Summer Pass, I’d be willing to bet that if they wanted to become full-fledged members, The Gizmoplex would love to have them and would be happy to work out a deal. But for confirmation, reaching out to is probably your best bet.

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