Quick Emily Question

Glad YOU did. My adding is not as precise as it once was.

Make It Stop My Brain Hurts GIF by Monty Python


This reminds me of the first season with 13, when I predicted that a version of her costume would appear in the Halloween edition of Strictly Come Dancing. Sure enough it did:

Dooley won the series.

Anyway, I’d definitely like to see that now you mention it… or even better, have Servo wear it.

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Hey Lesley, has it been decided who will be hosting the shorts yet? Or will they be built into the episodes again?

I think the plan is for the 12 shorts to be released in the gaps between the 13 episodes.

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I’m actually more excited about the shorts than the episodes. Don’t get me wrong, I want to see the episodes too, but shorts have always been my favorite part of MST3K.