Riding a train. Locomotives, the rails, the cramped quarters. Ever ride by rail? Where were you? What was it like?

Regular commuter in London using the “Tube”, but I’m also a major enthusiast to the point that I have been known to put on a period-esque uniform to volunteer at a heritage railway.

Recently went from London to Munich by train, including an overnight ride on the Amsterdam to Innsbruck sleeper train. Not the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had, but Bavaria looks spectacular in the early morning.

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Travelling Europe by train is one of my Bucket List aspirations.

I have done many cross country trips via Amtrak and have enjoyed them very much. There is something that is just so relaxing traveling on a trail.

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I’m in Portland these days and use the streetcar rail regularly, it’s really nice to not have to use the car that much to get out and about. Sometimes the homeless problem does make it less than pleasant, though.

Also took Amtrak down the coast for a short-ish trip once by myself and very much enjoyed the experience. Would like to do that again sometime. Maybe in the spring or summer.

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I rode from Kansas to Chicago back in 1992, then on the Chicago-New Orleans train, then back home. I was seeing one friend who’s wedding I missed, then attending the wedding of another friend. It was a good ride. The trouble for me is that the train comes through my part of Kansas at the wee hours of the morning, so it’s a bear to catch.

There’s been an effort for years to extend the current Dallas-Oklahoma City train up this way. It looks like it might be getting closer to reality, but we’ll see.

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When I was living in London, I got the impression that I was the only person that didn’t hate The Tube.

One of my favorite trips by rail was in Malaysia, just rolling through lush terrain and the occasional small village/town.

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Sounds amazing!

That it was. Trains are the way to go - well, except for maybe that Snowpiercer train.

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I’ve taken the train from Effingham, IL (an hour’s drive) to Chicago before. Nicer than driving the four and a half plus hours it would take to get me to Chicago.

I’ve always wanted to go across the country from coast to coast on a train, but sleeper cars are really expensive and I can’t sleep sitting up.

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I take the Metrolink to L.A. once in a while. I took that, the subway and some rapid express metro bus to see Licorice Pizza a week ago. Two hour trip was worth it.

I even take it to two stops west of me in Claremont where I grew up. Their downtown village is awesome andthey have a Laemmle theater I go to at times.