Random Facts about Movies that have been Riffed

So Today I was Watching The MST3K episode, The Screaming Skull, and I thought the theme sounded familiar… So I looked it up, and it turns out The Shining Theme is actually the same tune (just a different part of the piece, the often used Dies Irrae)

If you listen Carefully you can actually here the iconic first few notes

Here’s the Screaming Skull Theme,

Here’s The Shining Opening

So What other weird little Facts have you found out about cheesy Movies…?


Here’s a fun little podcast about the “Dies Irae.”


Original casting considerations for Squirm included Martin Sheen as the antique-hunting Mick, Kim Basinger as the impossibly Southern love interest Geri, and Sylvester Stallone as the “you gon’ be da wormface!” neighbor Roger.


The Mole People was written by podcaster and former Man Show host Adam Carolla’s step-grandfather Laslo Gorog.


In case you weren’t already aware, Alien from LA has a sequel.


I just found out another one… Daddy-o was apparently the Scoring Debut of John Frickin’ Williams…


Robot Holocaust reuses pieces of the musical score originally created for Laserblast.

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Probably common knowledge, but…

The woman who plays Lisa, in Slime People, is the same person who owns the rights to, and refuses to license, It Conquered the World, Eye Creatures, Teenage Werewolf, Amazing Colossal Man, and Terror from the Year 5000 for DVD release.


This one was riffed on Rifftrax but NBC wanted to turn High School U.S.A., which starred a bunch of people like Michael J. Fox, Crispin Glover, and Dana Plato, into a tv series. NBC wanted Joel Hodgson to be one of the stars of this series but he thought it wouldn’t be any good and was tired of the whole system in Hollywood and left. He then made some show that no one heard of called Mystery Science Theater 3000.


I love this kind of thing! I look up stuff about the movies all the time. :slight_smile:

The cast of 12 to the Moon is almost as international as they described the characters. Many of the actors playing the astronauts are actually not originally Americans, or have a genuine ethnicity similar to their roles in the movie.

The Turkish guy is played by an actor from Turkey. The German guy is played by a German. The Russian guy is played by a Russian. The French guy is played by a French actor. The actress playing Hideko was born in Sacramento, but her parents were from Japan and migrated to the U.S. The actress playing the Swedish woman is from Norway. Honestly, I’m genuinely impressed.

Stick around. I’ll be here all week to share more. :smiley:


Space Travelers (aka Marooned) is the only, and I believe still is, movie that won an Oscar™ (Best Visual Effects).

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I’ve noticed that the music used when they come back in ‘First Spaceship on Venus’ is also used at the end of ‘Planet of the Prehistoric Women’.

I’ve posted both of these elsewhere, but since they fit here I’ll add them again:

The mom in Squirm once played Errol Flynn’s love interest

The ‘Hikeeba!’ guy is Melissa Gilbert’s dad. His birth name was Ed McMahon.


Speaking of shared music, Desmond Leslie’s “Ariel and Caliban” pops up in several MST films, "Planet of Prehistoric Women, “The Human Duplicators” and “Phantom Planet”

MST couples? Most of us know about the real life couples who worked together in Sidehackers and Space Mutiny, but here’s a few others.

  • Adel Jergens (Lila in Radar Secret Service), was married to the “Amazing Colossal Man”, Glenn Langan.

  • Mark Herron (Leo in Girl in Gold Boots) and Henry Brandon (Rinkman in Rocky Jones, Space Ranger) were longtime companions.

  • The Crawling Eye had a couple, Anne Sharpe, who played the German lady, was married to producer Monty Berman

  • Girls Town spouses? Mamie Van Doren and Ray Anthony (he played the detective who took her out to the club)

  • Lastly, Gene Roth was married to Merritt Stone

(I lie, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if it were true)


Bill McKinney, who was the crooked sheriff in Master Ninja I and the crooked State Department functionary in Final Justice, had previously appeared in Deliverance as a mountain man. Specifically the one who uttered the immortal line, “Squeal like a pig!”

Jeff Gillen, who portrayed Fats in Wild Rebels, would later appear in A Christmas Story as the Santa Claus who told Ralphie, “You’ll shoot yer eye out, kid.”

Karl Michael Vogler, who portrayed Horatio in Hamlet, would later portray Field Marshall Erwin Rommel in Patton.


There is a 2021 reboot of Prince of Space Planet Prince 2021 - Wikipedia

There’s a Canadian version of Johnny at the Fair which is very different from the American version.


And the Israeli guy was played by “You know, Captain, every year of my life I grow more and more convinced that the wisest and best is to fix our attention on the good and the beautiful, if we’ll just take the time to look at it.” Makkonen.

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They got Chistopher Plummer to be part of Starcrash because they were making the movie in or near Rome, which is his favourite city.
In his own words, “I’ll do porno in Rome , as long as I can get to Rome . Getting to Rome was the greatest thing that happened in that for me.”


The cinematographer for The Touch of Satan is Jordan Cronenweth, who was also the cinematographer for Blade Runner, Altered States and Peggy Sue Got Married.


Not specifically attached to Eegah, but Arch Hall, Sr. was a pretty amazing guy:

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Hall grew up in South Dakota, a genuine cowboy. He spoke the Sioux language and had a Sioux name, “Waa-toe-gala Oak-Shilla” (translation: Wild Boy). Hall graduated from the University of South Dakota, wrote for radio, interviewing elderly Native Americans on KOTA, and was a pilot in the United States Army Air Forces. Hall’s experience in the Air Force was satirized in The Last Time I Saw Archie , a 1961 film by Bill Bowers which starred Jack Webb, Robert Mitchum, and France Nuyen. The film was loosely based on Hall’s experience in the Army after being declared to be too old to fly fighters, but too inexperienced to fly bombers, leaving his only option to fly troop transport gliders.

He then worked as a stuntman in Hollywood in the 1930s, a job which expanded into small acting roles in various films, usually Westerns.


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