Random movie button?

Just a random idea for our movie collections on gizmoplex. Sometimes we just want a random episode off the shelf. The feature could take currently shown filtering into account too so for example: random season 5 episode.

I kind of also like how in twitch, we can just tune into the middle of whatever is streaming and drop in mid way, with a chat. I think someone else mentioned a public theater room. Could be cool, not sure how it would stay funded since the twitch method of ads is pretty bad. Maybe access comes with a subscription to the current live season?


Sounds like a fun idea. I know what you mean about the joy of dropping in mid-way through a random movie.

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I’d like a Shuffle button that just pulls up one random episode after another.


I’d love an MST3K roulette system like that!

(Until I get The Castle of Fu Manchu, but still!)

I really like this idea! I’d also like to see the option of setting up playlists if at all possible in the future?


That would really help me, as I work and sleep with MST3K on in the background.

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Yeah, like a shuffle option to just pick random movies. I really like that idea!

I was also hoping to make my own playlists of movies, so maybe I could have a playlist of space movies, a playlist of horror movies, and a playlist of movies that I found exceptionally funny… Then I should be able to shuffle those as well.



I agree, I think the ability to set your own playlists would be a great feature for anyone to use for titles they’ve purchased.

I think the Gizmoplex Vault Picks are kind of going to be something you can just throw on and watch uninterrupted, but of course that’s a shorter list. It would be nice to have a running stream like Twitch, even if it’s only available to subscribers.

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