Random ridiculous BUT real questions

So none of this OT baloney sausage.

I’ll start.

(i) Is it true, as I contend, that blue cheeses should be removed from any plastic wrappings before consumption at room temperature, even unto days before their eating?

(ii) One should probably not just pick up a woman’s set of Tarot Cards without asking.

(iii) One should have a full meal with the correct balance of macronutrients before “donating” plasma.

(iv) eksetera


I never pick up anything that could be totemistic or ceremonial without asking, at least until I am familiar with the person and know their preferences. Personally, I give the supernatural an especially wide birth. I don’t bother it, it doesn’t bother me. I hope…

Scoob, did you hear something ol’ buddy?


Scoob did not hear anything except your enthusiastic response, and the canid thanks you for your service.

The Next Poster will explain why it is that one should be reasonably aggrieved that a former romantic interest continues to haunt one’s regular after-work spot, and what should be done about this. In addition to the above unanswered questions.


A real Commander Chakotay we got here.


Oh, we’ve got off-topic!

I’ll hang you up by your buster browns!

Amity means friendship! This is a summer town! And that means summer dollars! :laughing:

Any NFL fans listening, those little Seagulls from WA state are just starting to catch their wind, put a shade over little ground cats.


Jimmy, I don’t always follow your melody man, but I sure do dig your groove!


Provolone? I forget how your mama like the provolone!

How is the new job?

It’s not so bad, sir. Except they want me to cut my hair.

You cutta the hair, you lose-a the strength, no!

Yeah, so things are pretty mellow right now.

Cf. Zombie Nightmare.


Oh, I dig that tune man! Awesome!


What are you talking about, the Motörhead? Of course that rules. I assume any mockery done by Mike &cie was ironic.

After all, the previous episode had that gawdawful effing Jerry-esque crap guitar Rollergator ess all over it. I have fast fingers, but even 20 ms of that is not enough to stop it from poisoning my brain.

So, what am I supposed to do about this woman who keeps showing up to “my” bar when she knows I go there every day after work? It’s ridiculous, and she texted me months ago “please leave me alone,” in my response to my earlier text which said “I need to cool things down, but let’s just be friendly and chill out &c.”

It’s ridiculous: she knows I go there five days a week, and also she knows I can’t see a damned thing without my eyeglasses on.

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Oh, right.

This has been bugging me for about a week subconsciously.

What was the Claude Chabrol movie where…I think Gérard Depardieu plays a very famous pianist, family man and all that, and has a student or something…played by…that one actor…woman actor…

And then some stuff happens, which I think is about the same as what happens in every Chabrol movie.

OK. Thanks MS Bing. Thanks for the chocolate is the movie.

I still don’t remember what happens or if I should watch it again.

There’s no riff to go with it!

/* ETA, I don’t know what the English title is, but probably “cocoa” is better than “chocolate” as in you could ask for “un chocolat s-v-p mme/m” at, say, a cafeteria and be understood, but not really in English. But, similarly, “un chocolat chaud” is the more complete term in both: I suppose the term “chocolat” are homologs in both these languages.

And it’s not Depardieu, it’s some other dude.

And Isabelle Huppert is the student: I should have remembered her name.

/****** EETA Also, check out this headline from some limey rag called The Daily Mail:

“Isabelle Huppert, 68, looks effortlessly chic in a grey jumpsuit as she arrives for the second day of The Venice Film Festival”


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Huppert was in I [Heart] Huckabees, wasn’t she?

I loved that movie. It wasn’t so much protagonists vs. antagonists but everyone being off their gourd somehow: each in their own special way.


She was?

I remember thinking that was about the most clever thing I’d ever seen at the time, but I really don’t recall much about it.

Lily Tomlin was in it (pretty sure), and Dustin Hoffman…and that Schwartzmann kid…no, I don’t remember one thing about that movie, except that I found it pretty damned amusing!


The thing about the “not seeing a damn thing without eyeglasses” is that I don’t usually wear them, except when driving or at home to see the computer screen.

So, this little chippy, you know, no offense to her, I can well end up inadvertently sitting beside her, because, hey, “empty bar stool, I’m sitting there!” is about as far ahead as I can manage, or, if I’m checking the car battery with a multimeter out front, she’ll say “Hi, John!” and I have to say “Hey! Who’s that?”

She knows this damn well. Perhaps she thinks it’s a dumb ruse on my part, which it is not. But she and I have no business being in a relationship together: Aries + Cancer sun signs? No good! I did offer the olive branch of chilled-out friendship, which I would have been glad if it were to have been accepted, but I don’t think so.

Meh, just normal, I guess: she and I are just at square one, random acquaintances who know people who know people around the corner, which is somewhat disingenuous to me.

ANYWAYS I feel like there’s a danger of turning this into a blahblahblahJohnblog, but if any MSTie has random questions, and if there’s no place else you can go, and if you can find it, you can hire THIS THREAD.


Never play pool against a guy who’s got a state or city for a nickname, 's all I know.

Minnesota Fats taught me that one.


There was a good line in McGoorty: A Pool Room Hustler like “Why do they call him the Topeka Kid? — Because he’s from Spokane.” Couldn’t find it in the paperback, but something like that.

But here’s McGoorty on Fats: “There have always been at least twenty people in the country who would have been glad to swim a river of sh** to play Fats for money… Now, if a man is afraid to play fair with Zsa Zsa, how do you think he would have done against real players like Wimpy Lassiter, Washington Rags, or even Big-Nose Roberts?”


So, this woman has started showing up regularly to my after-work bar.

That…woman…still has a nice Flexfit ballcap of mine, which fits my 7 ¾ melon.

Should I text her and say, “Yo, what up about my hat? It’s not a souvenir, you know!”?

I really don’t want to get in any conversation with her, but I also want my hat!

How about “Don’t reply, please, just leave my hat behind the bar and that will be the end of it.”?


Why did I just become confused and temporarily think that Manos was Marios a documentary movie about Super Mario impersonators?

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cuz yer a gumba :upside_down_face:

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You take a lot of acid, back in the hippie days?

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I was, like, -10 years old then :hushed: Maybe my parents did

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If Marios are involved, clearly it’d be mushrooms instead of acid.