Rare MST3k Fancy Hollywood Awards Specials DVD on eBay

Hello all,

Just wanted to let you know I’ve listed a brand new, unused copy of the long out of print “Fancy Hollywood Awards Specials” DVD (a bonus disc that originally came with orders of Volume XXXVII from Shout!), if any of you are interested: MST3k Fancy Hollywood Awards Specials • NEW OOP Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVD | eBay

100% geniune, ordered straight from Shout! Factory back in the day.

It ends Saturday. If you don’t want to get bogged down in an auction, I will consider offers (just look for the “Make Offer” button).

I hope it’s ok to post things like this here (I checked the guidelines and didn’t see anything) — I know not every eBay listing is worth a post (like Volume XXXVII itself, which I also have listed, brand new + some rare coasters), but for the really rare ones, I figure some of you might want to know. I myself missed out on the similar “Summer Blockbuster Review” bonus disc from Shout! back in the day and I’ve kicked myself ever since (I feel great nostalgia for those specials — guess I’ll have to settle for my old incomplete VHS copy recorded off the Sci-Fi channel, lol).

Thanks! And may your forehead grow like the mighty oak!

— lucid

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Wish I had the $$$ right now, good luck to all who bid.

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