Ray Harryhausen

OMG look at those amazing models… did you know that because the budget of his films was usually very small (the sole exception being his last film, Titans, but most of that went to the cast; Sir Laurence Olivier ain’t cheap!), he reused things he found to help make his models? One of the crab shells from the giant crabs came from a seafood dinner he’d enjoyed with his wife, for instance. He’s like the precursor to Joel!

Also, speaking of merchandise… (if you can afford these): Results for "ray harryhausen"

Sideshow (the collectible statue company) has a series of statues based off of a lot of Harryhausen’s epics. The Cyclops, the Ymir, the Kraken, Kali, Talos, Gwangi; so many are there. I’m hoping they get Medusa, the Harpies, and a few others eventually. I may start collecting the Harryhausen statues if I can find the funds!

Yeah, they have a really nice books and some prints of his drawings. Lots of stuff, really.

I’m amazed the puppets have held up that well. Or were they restored?

I already sink enough money into Weta’s Dark Crystal figurines without worrying about more statues. But those are cool!

I think some of them have definitely been restored.

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Could be an expensive trip then, I see early Christmas presents. Thanks for the info.

I haven’t been able to go yet but I have a week off in a month so I’ll go then if not before.

Would this exhibit by any chance be coming to the US? Please please please please? Does anyone know?

I can’t find any info about where it’s going next but you would think it would.

Finally got round to going myself. There’s something magical about seeing his creations up close, especially the skeletons.


Hail Hydra!

Being able to get up close and see how detailed the models are is amazing.

Storyboard for crystal ball

Storyboard for Cyclops

Liam Gallagher from Oasis…

Attack its weak point for massive damage! There’s displays of his fantastic concept art.

This looks so real. Wonderful craftsmanship.

Skeleton. This is so awesome.



Tom Hanks looks even happier than he does!

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When Ray was given his special Academy Award for lifetime achievement, I believe, Tom Hanks was hosting, and he gave probably the highest compliment he could, saying that some people claim Casablanca or Citizen Kane is the greatest film of all time, but in his opinion it was Jason and the Argonauts.


I looked into the exhibition and it doesn’t appear to be a tour sadly. It’s a collaboration between the National Galleries of Scotland and The Ray and Diana Harryhausen Foundation. Seems like it was originally intended for last year to celebrate his life and work on the 100th anniversary of his birth but then lockdown happened so it was deferred to this year. The purpose of the Foundation is to catalogue, preserve and restore these pieces so that exhibitions like this can take place so hopefully something will happen in the future so everyone can enjoy these pieces of history.

There’s an accompanying book by Ray’s daughter Vanessa also titled Ray Harryhausen Titan of Cinema but that’s not the same as seeing these things in real life of course. I picked up a copy there that has an exhibition exclusive cover.


I’m so pleased you got a chance to go! It really is inspiring to see it all in one place.