Reactions to the live show

The riffs weren’t as sharp as they once were years ago in the days of Joel or Mike. They all seemed to go for the easiest and most obvious jokes. I kept thinking, “Try a little harder!” I only laughed now and then.

Also, it was hard to hear what they were saying because their voices boomed off the walls of the auditorium. I couldn’t understand many jokes because I couldn’t understand them.

And finally, I was hoping Joel would be there. It’s my fault for not reading the promotional literature more closely. But I just figured he’d be there since he was at the Cheesy Movie tour I went to two years ago.

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Was it stuff like if there was a fire they’d say “don’t touch that it’s hot” instead of like “satan-o-gram”?

not being able to understand/hear the riffs cause of poor audio is a very valid complaint. Sorry that happened to you. The sound was perfect at my DC show but I know it varies from place to place and where you are seated makes a difference too.

It’s likely the same riff writing team that wrote the Cheesy movie tour riffs too. That being said… the movie was almost too easy with lots of pop culture stuff in it… I loved it but I can see how the riffing that came from it might be seen as ‘too obvious’.

for Joel… he was very vocal about the cheesy movie tour being his last tour as host. I am surprised you missed that aspect since you went to it.

Sorry you didn’t dig it.


What did the fan think of MegaSynthia? As I said in my review, she needs more time to establish herself, and this tour should do it followed by the Gizmoplex shows next spring. She was “made” in the last tour, although people were there for Joel and Emily. It’s basically the changing of the guard.


What venue was this? I’ll pass along the note to our audio guy for next time. That’s disappointing to hear - you can’t get the jokes if you can’t understand the jokes.


Joel was supposed to be on the tour, but had to back out because of pandemic concerns.

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Actually, he wasn’t. He was going to attend the show in a handful of cities to meet backers, but was never going to be part of the tour. He was pretty explicit on the last tour that it was his last one. :man_shrugging:


Oops, looks like I didn’t read throughly either :laughing:


lol. Glad Ivan stepped in… my first thought was ‘am I really going to challenge Deana on something related to MST3K???’ Surely I must be wrong!



Happens to us all!


I had some “notes” on the new live tour… posted them to an MST3K Facebook group… and the post got deleted without warning or comment from the moderators or admins. I’m almost afraid to do so here now.

You’d think people would want honest constructive criticism to help improve things… :cry:


Heya Tim, I think you responded on FB to my “review” of the live tour. I hope you were able to nab a copy-and-paste or screenshot of it before it was removed! You at least seemed to value the opinions of fans, for sure, which made me feel better about my fandom! If not, and if you still want it, I can try to write up another copy from my remaining recollections.


Honestly MegaSynthia was the best part of the whole damn show. She stole the show and chewed the scenery every time she was on, and I LOVED it. Yvonne does over the top “Evil” with a capital E better than anyone I’ve seen since Trace!


This is probably the better place to post anyways. It gets it in front of the right people.


My foot and mouth disease has been acting up lately :laughing::laughing:

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You could always post it here. @timryder even talked to me about some junk I said, so I’m convinced he’ll listen to you about real stuff :rofl:


He was already in actually, like within a few posts. Class act that cool cat.

Hats off to him @timryder as well as @ivan and @deanadolphin

As a long time fan I am impressed and proud to see so many of you respond within 24 hours and actually take consideration for even one bad fan experience!

Really awesome stuff, at least I think.

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I think the tour show was perhaps intended to be more accessible for fans-to-be and young fans. I saw several kids at the Madison show. A show full of highbrow commentary would have turned them off. Instead, the whole audience “got it.”

I personally wish there was a proper, legal I could rewatch it and catch the riffs I missed. I thoroughly enjoyed it! (@timryder - excellent work by all, IMO. Are Emily’s theme song lyrics posted anywhere?)


really? Never knew that, but I see his point. Wish a lot of other people had pandemic concerns


She didn’t chew the scenery — she bit off huge chunks and swallowed them whole!