Reactions to the live show

Same here. I’d love some sort of way to see it again!

It would also be great to see the Emily theme song lyrics posted somewhere!


Hey friends, sorry for the delay in response. We’re roadtripping back to the Midwest for the holidays and I was behind the wheel all day.

I’m probably biased, but I think the live show this time is really strong, one of our best yet! But I’m always happy to hear people’s opinions, as long as they’re done with kindness and in the spirit of constructive criticism. (Which everyone on this thread has done, so thank you.)

@tigerskin62 - what show were you at? I’d love to check the show reports to see if our audio guy had the same impression regarding the booming audio. It’ll help with future shows and whether we return to that venue.

@Ansible - Yes, your thoughts regarding the set and overall production value? I was really interested in them and when I went to show them to another member of the team, they had disappeared! I thought maybe you deleted the post, but it’s weird that it was removed for some other reason. I unfortunately didn’t get screenshots. Maybe write your thoughts down again now and then when the tour is over, do a thread or a poll to see if anyone else agrees? Or post it now, whatever you’d like! Happy to DM about it if you want.

@JustAnotherMad - Hey thanks! Nice of you to say. We like to make sure people feel heard, at the very least.

@wyswysia - Emily’s lyrics aren’t posted anywhere yet - maybe after the tour is done we can do a big post-mortem/AMA and I’ll post them and some other goofy stuff I have.


@timryder - I also think it was a really great show. The chemistry between all the cast is excellent; I look forward to your movies on the Gizmoplex!


Between concerns for both my physical and financial health there was just no way I was going to make this one, either. :confused:


Tim is wicked cool!


I, and those with me, had a thoroughly good time. It may not have been on the same level as Joel doing ‘No Retreat, No Surrender’ but you can’t top that anyway.
The jokes seemed to be accessible yet intelligent. I do remember that there were a couple instances of not being able to make out what they said but I didn’t think much of it since it was live and the audience was laughing.
Well done, all involved!


i saw the show opening night in York PA, and aside from a couple minor audio issues i have no complaints. a fantastically insane off the wall movie, riffs and host segments were hilarious!

been a mstie since the comedy central days and its sometimes hard for me to warm up to change, so not having seen the cheesy movie circus tour i was unsure how i would feel about the “new” subject, bots and mad. i had seen them in interviews and the youtube live stuff they’ve done but never their version of the show. i thought it all was great.

obviously this is all subjective, i just wanted to put out there that as a looong time MST3K fan i didnt find this necessarily geared to be more for newer fans. the show evolves with each host/crew change. my favorites will always be the joel era episodes but i’ve enjoyed every iteration as it comes and has its own flavor.


Hello, new user. Can we interest you in some mints, Shakespeare, or badges this fine day? We also have a nice petting zoo, a snail farm, and a cinema for the impatient. So, basically, anything you could ever want and more! Welcome to the show that never ends!


Just remember, Rifftrax has its own version of “No Retreat, No Surrender”. It’s fun to compare versions, as some of us will after the new batch is done.


I wasn’t sure about MegaSynthia on the previous tour. But between that tour and the current one, we had the new Kickstarter, and we spent a pandemic summer getting to know Yvonne (and Emily, Conor, and Nate) as themselves during the live streams. Now I like MegaSynthia because I love Yvonne and the others. (And my SO has the “I WANT ALL THE CHEESE” shirt to prove it…)

I can see where audiences who weren’t deeply invested in the Kickstarter might be more wary of the new cast. It’s human nature.

We, on the other hand, are possibly more excited for new Emily episodes than new Jonah episodes. And if the new crew posted a livestream while doing their taxes, we’d probably tune in. They’re fun people.


Question: what do ya mean by the jokes being accessible?

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Also I saw Joel’s “last live show” in Calif. and it was like coming home. It felt magical being around all of fellow fans who “got it” and bringing in new fans. Just behind me at that show was a older mom with her son looked to be about 10, best part he was dressed as Crow made out of cardboard painted gold. He was cool! :slightly_smiling_face:


A few people (including me) had a jacket or jumpsuit made to look like the crew or cast but that’s cool a kid really dressed up👍🏻
By “accessible” I meant that there were plenty of laughs to be had without having to be a certain age or being a longtime fan. I noticed there were a couple references I’d expect from old shows that the kids could never get but also some timely stuff but mostly easy for all to understand.


one of the groups i really like on FB has a one of the lamest admins ever who is super condescending and holds grudges against anyone who contradicts them. sounds like we may have encountered the same one (or not).

keep sharing your reasonable pov or criticisms :beers:


The funny thing about seeing a show, or an episode, the first time doesnt always elicit a lot of laughing from me. Sure i will laugh if it is good and the crowd is way into it, but many Rifftrax Live, for instance, benefited from two showings. The first showing i watch and take it all in, and then the second time i have some familiarity and get more fully on board with the lols.

The live shows are a different animal, so not having the ability to rewatch makes them a really different riff experience…i wish i could revisit many MST3k shows are get to know them, but no dice.

If you have never been to a live riff event you have to consciously remember to live it up, because it will soon be over and gone - unlike a normal episode/experiment.



Well, I liked the fourth live show (but would have preferred at least a free tote bag since I was in the second row). Mega needs some fine tuning, but she’ll be on her way when the Plex opens up. Eventually, she vs. Emily could be a closer battle than Jonah vs. Kinga or Mike vs the Forrester Mafias. If so, Mega could be tricked into riffing and maybe get a bit TOO good at it. I’d like to see that at least in the live version.


I’ve not seen Yvonne live, but from what I’ve seen of her in the stuff Emily’s cast has done online since last year, I think her energy is amazing and she’s such a talented performer. I really can’t wait to see more of her and that cast.

I’ve said it before, but them having performed in the last tour means that they’ll have performed more as their characters before they have shot a frame than any other cast and that is valuable. The Great Cheesy Movie Circus Tour was their KTMA season, but way less UHF-y.


I’m sorry to hear it wasn’t what you’d hoped. I caught the show in Seattle and the audio was great, at least in the nose bleeds where I was. Brought my 19 year old daughter who’s never exactly been a fan and we both loved it. It’s the first time I’ve been able to catch a live show and I was not disappointed.


Yvonne gets to riff as GPC. She was part of the fantastic song this tour.


Thanks so much for coming! Glad you both enjoyed it!