Really Pretentious Puppet Show 3000: Negative Reviews of MST3K

To quote Diet Kolos from that other MST3K message board,
"As we all know, the “show” is not for everyone. But generally, those that it isn’t for, just ignore it.

However, I always find it amusing when some poor clod who took one too many film classes gets a hold of the show (or simply hears of its premise) and thinks its the anti-christ bastard of movie mocking.

A good example is the Mike and Mary j o interview on SF-Vortex wherein the host Eric Wallace just could not get it through his head that these were really, really bad movies and that it was a sacrilege to riff on them. And he can’t understand why they use old movies.

I particularly enjoy the uninformed film nerds at IMDB that go off on the show for using specific movies they consider “good” (Phase IV seems to pop up alot) without ever having seen the show or have a brief knowledge of it.

Let’s look at some of these gems, won’t us?"


Here’s one from Discogs.


IMDB reviews. Mystery Science Theater 3000 (TV Series 1988–1999) - Mystery Science Theater 3000 (TV Series 1988–1999) - User Reviews - IMDb

I would just ignore those people.



The negative reviews have been there since the beginning, since the KTMA answering machine days.


Thankfully, the folks on the opposite side of the spectrum were there, too.

Me? I like to accentuate the positive. [gestures to the username]


I agree. There are popular shows I HATE (Downton Abbey), but when other people are discussing them, I just don’t engage.

Why harsh someone else’s buzz?

I will, however, never tire of denouncing the evil that is Law & Order.


I used to suffer greatly when friends would never shut up about some series that I didn’t care about. But now I have no friends. Problem solved! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

[ETA - almost forgot this gem: Movies that Need to be Riffed by the MST3K Gang - #290 by CLANG_Potroast]


that’s what folks used to do in the good old days. now people bring attention to it :).

but in this case, I think they are all wrong and worth laughing at :slight_smile:


wish more people would be positive. feel like it’s a dying breed :wink:


Shut up, Iris.

Just kidding, I :heart: you.


Careful, Icarus :slight_smile:


The first screenshot here was what immediately came to mind for me looking at the Discogs review, even before I’d scrolled down. I can still hear the voice.

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Two articles from Stuart Galbraith IV.

First, “Hopping Mad Over MST3K”.

And now, the Cinematic Titanic Wasp Woman review.


I was at the Columbus, Ohio Sci-Fi Marathon with 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea! If 2-3 instances of someone quietly saying something heard only by 5-6 people around them during a movie that may be a classic, but does have some dull stretches, was enough to make him stomp out, I’m not sure how he would have done during the newer movies later that night. (Spoiler - the usher was wrong, people tore the newer movies apart while leaving the classics alone.)

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Wonder why Stuart traveled that far from Ann Arbor to Columbus…


So this nut is a genuine piece of work. In the first article he laments being subjected to “several hours of crude, sexist remarks” made by various patrons at that Columbus film festival. In the next article, he admits his favorite “riff” made by a buddy of his implied Sophia Loren had sex as a 13 year old. Nothing crude or sexist about that at all, is there Mr. Galbraith IV?


I remember when that Wasp Woman review went up. DVDtalk had someone who was their regular reviewer of MST3K-related things, but Stuart saw The Wasp Woman on the list of titles available for review and put his dibs in.

He mostly revealed he had no sense of humor.


“I was 13, he was 15.”
Blame Stuart’s friend Christopher Potter for that ‘riff’.


Also, in the Wasp Woman review, Stu says that he “sat through some pretty dire comedies over the years - Joe De Rita’s solo two-reelers, endless Joe McDoakes shorts, Invasion of the Star Creatures, Loose Cannons, Nothing But Trouble (both versions!)”

MST3K really needs to riff Invasion of the Star Creatures in the next season. If they do, it would become one of the three intentional comedies they riffed (Catalina Caper, Hobgoblins, and Munchie).